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Hearts a Plenty

Believe it or not, you have less than a month to plan for Valentine's Day! Whether you are looking for the perfect heart-shaped project to gift or just a way to make the day feel more festive, we chose some of our favorite patterns to get you in the spirit of love.

From easy appliques to elaborate decor pieces we have designs that will surely bring you warm and happy thoughts. Get ready for this day of admiration with these 15 free knit and crochet heart patterns.

Loving Hearts Headband
Crocheted in Pretty 'n Pink and Baby Pink Super Saver
Loving Hearts Headband Free Crochet Pattern LW5836
Red Heart Super Saver yarn E300_724 Baby Pink
Here's My Heart Scrubby
Crocheted in Tulip Pink and Blushing Print Scrubby Cotton
Here's My Heart Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern LW5576
Red Heart Scrubby Cotton yarn E854_7962 Blushing Pink
Crocheted in Perfect Pink, Soft White and Cherry Red Super Saver
Cu-Pig Free Crochet Pattern LW3536
Red Heart Super Saver yarn E300_706 Perfect Pink
Heart Tote Bag
Crocheted in Cherry Red Super Saver
Heart Tote Bag Free Crochet Pattern LW583
Red Heart Super Saver E300_319 Cherry Red
Cabled Heart Hat
Knit in Burgundy Super Saver
Cabled Heart Hat Free Knit Pattern LW3588
Red Heart Super Saver E300_376 Burgundy
Valentine Heart Coaster
Crocheted in Cherry Red and Perfect Pink Super Saver
Valentine Heart Coaster Free Crochet Pattern LW4002
Red Heart Super Saver E300_319 Cherry Red
Valentine Mug Hug
Knit in Aran and Holly Berry With Love
Valentine Mug Hug Free Knit Pattern LW2948
Red Heart With Love yarn E400_1909 Holly Berry
Checkered Crochet Cowl
Crocheted in Really Red Soft
Checkered Crochet Cowl Free Crochet Pattern LW5279
Red Heart Soft yarn E728_9925 Really Red
Be Still My Heart Pillow
Knit in Shocking Pink Super Saver and Azalea Fur
Be Still My Heart Pillow Free Knit Pattern LW5076
Red Heart Fur E831_9701 Azalea
Heart Throb Blanket
Crocheted in Petal Pink, Perfect Pink, White and Hot Red Super Saver
Heart Throb Blanket Free Crochet Pattern LW5143
Red Heart Super Saver Yarn E300_373 Petal Pink
Sweet Hearts
Crocheted in Pretty n' Pink, Petal Pink and Grenadine Super Saver
Sweet Hearts Free Crochet Pattern LW5959
Red Heart Super Saver Yarn E300_0705 Grenadine
Heart Strings Garland
Crocheted in White, Really Red, Coral and Cherry Red Soft
Heart Strings Garland Free Crochet Pattern LW5101
Red Heart Soft yarn E728_5142 Cherry Red

Make sure you have decor for every holiday through-out the year with these holiday inspired knit and crochet patterns.

Hearts a Plenty

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