2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project

2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project

Will you be participating this year in the  2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project? Read on for details...2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project

The 2012 Official Colors are:

  • Red Heart Super Saver 387-Soft Navy
  • Red Heart Super Saver 319-Cherry Red
  • Red Heart Soft 4604-Navy
  • Red Heart Soft 9925-Really Red

The colors as well as the size (6" x 54"-60") of the scarves will be the same for all participating Programs in the 2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project. You can purchase the yarn online at a discount on ShopRedHeart.com.

As a symbol of unity, community and support within the Special Olympics Movement, the scarves will be gifted to athletes, coaches, families, volunteers and supporters of each participating Special Olympics Program.

There are Special Olympics Programs across the country that are participating in the 2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project. We will have the full list available by May 23, 2011. Knitters and crocheters may choose any of these participating Programs to support.

Download and print the 2012 Special Olympics USA Scarf Project flyer to help spread the word to your family, friends, co-workes, fellow knitters and crocheters. Visit the official Special Olympics USA Scarf Project website for more information: www.ScarvesforSpecialOlympics.org

Below are beginner to intermediate free knit or crochet scarf patterns:

                  Be Proud Scarf Crochet Pattern

     Be Proud Scarf Crochet Pattern LW2604

                  All-American Scarf Crochet Pattern

     All-American Scarf Crochet Pattern LW2605

                  Pride of USA Scarf Knitting Pattern

     Pride of the USA Scarf Knitting Pattern LW2606 

                 Herioc Stripes Scarf Knitting Pattern

     Heroic Stripes Scarf Knitting Pattern LW2607


CatsAngeleyes's picture

Happy and Honored to make a Scarf for the Special Olympic 2012

I have always wanted to do something for the Special Olympic and I am this year. So the only colors we need is Red and Blue that's all? I think I am going to knit a few and crochet a few. To pass them out to the Nursing Home so they can enjoy them too. What about making lap afghan? Would that be ok? Please let me know..Merry Christmas and God Bless

LisaDinPA's picture

Special Olympics scarves

The scarves will be given to SO participants (athletes, coaches, etc.) and should meet their requirements. Check the guidelines; they don't ask for lapghans, but that yarn and time could go to four or five more scarves!

marvenniffi's picture

Logo Design

I appreciate these type of instructions and guidelines for the beginner and sometimes it useful fr professionals as well. logo design .

Special Olympics Scarves for 2012 Iowa Scarf completed today

Scarf completed on 9/11/11. Seems appropriate for a day of rememberance and service.

barbinoh's picture

Fliers for Special Olympics

I went to Jo-Ann's today and got my yarn for the scarves. They only had 2 skeins of the soft blue but was able to get enough of the other 3 colors.

I printed out 2 of the fliers and took one to Jo-Ann's. The cashier said she would give it to a supervisor and seemed receptive to my suggestion that they stock additional yarn for this project.

I then went to WalMart to pick up some things and took a flyer there also. At the Customer Service desk the lady was helpful but not very encouraging that they would stock the yarn. They had one of the 4 colors and only a few of those. She said they were just beginning to expand their craft area, which had been severely cut during the latest remodeling last year. And it would not be complete until early next year.

mb1031's picture

2012 Special Olympic Scarf Project

I have been to both Walmart stores and the Michaels store in our area. I FINALLY got a few skeins of each color to make a few scarves. I don't understand why neither store is advertising this project. You would think that would increase sales - isn't that called Marketing? Oh well, so far I have 4 scarves completed and am working on the fifth. The best thing is, two of my grandchildren think this is a great cause and I am teaching them both how to crochet so they can contribute as well. Thank You Red Heart!

mgbinnh's picture

Heroic Stripes Scarf

The pattern calls for a yo at the beginning of the row. I am not sure how to do that. Can anyone tell me? I have done yarn over in the middle of a row but never at the beginning.

scrbrylin's picture

Yarn Over @ beginning

You have to wrap the yarn on your right hand needle like a yo and then knit the next two stitches together. Do the same on the purl row, wrapping yarn on right hand needle. I thought this was confusing and really thought there could have been an easier pattern design. I also don't like having to work in all the ends with the color changes, so, I am increasing the blue part of the pattern. Hope this helps. For my next scarf will use a different pattern with the olympic colors.

Reana's picture

special olymics yarn for scarves

you can always order online which is sometimes cheaper and usually much faster.


There is a link to buy the yarn at a discount, but there is no discount. Can you please tell me if the discount is still available?

Ann Blalock's picture

If you click on the link

If you click on the link above, the two colors in Red Heart Super Saver are offered at $2.99. The recommended retail price for Super Saver is $4.49, so $2.99 is a discounted price.


jancie54's picture

I've never done this before

but I would love to get involved!! I understand using the colors, my question is whether you can only use the patterns that are shown on the website - or I make any scarf as long as it is the required size and colors?


Ann Blalock's picture

You can definitely use the

You can definitely use the scarf pattern of your choice; you're not limited by the ones we offer. As long as the colors the Special Olympics have chosen are used, any pattern is fine.


jancie54's picture


Perfect! Thanks so much!

momskii's picture

Started Early on Scarf Project

I wanted to knit/crochet the scarves last year for the special olmypics, but also couldn't find the yarn. this year I started early and even though the store said they didn't have the yarn in stock when I called, they did have it, so with any luck the scarf will be finished in time to mail. Keep up the good work with this project.

Cranky_Old_Bat's picture

Finding the S.O. Yarn

If your favorite store carries Red Heart but doesn't have the right colors available, you need to start bugging them NOW to order it and get it in stock for you. Most stores are more than happy to order what you want or need, but you have to tell them, and tell them soon. It can take a long time for orders to arrive at your store depending on the company's distribution system. If you go to buy it and it's not in stock, go straight to Customer Service and ask them for it.

Last year I waited until it was too late. The colors weren't in stock and there wasn't time to order them before the deadline. I won't make that mistake again this year.

mommus's picture

2012 Special Olympic Scarf Project

Please make sure we can find the yarn and all colors in our local stores that your patterns call for. My knitting and crochet group always donates but we have found the last 2 years it has been very hard to find your yarn colors. It seems after the project is over the stores start to carry the colors.. Also the stores state they are unaware of this project. ??? Not sure what that is about?
We find Walmart has the best prices, but it might be nice if there was a way to obtain this yarn at a reduced rate. I alone make 8 scarves for donation..


Ann Blalock's picture

As much as we would love to

As much as we would love to back a semi up to the loading dock at every store that carries our yarns, we have to wait for the store buyers to order our products--we can't ship until and unless they order. For most of the chain stores, those buying decisions are made at a centralized purchasing office at the headquarters of the chain. Those buyers determine which of our product lines they will carry and the quantity assigned to each store.

Frequently,depending on the store and their policies, you can ask your store manager to special order products for you--so if you don't see the color you want, ask your store manager to get it for you.

Most of the chain stores offer pretty substantial discounts on the price of the yarn they carry. For example, right now the suggested retail price for a 7 ounce skein of Red Heart Super Saver is $4.49. If you can buy it for under $3, you're getting quite a discount!


mb1031's picture

Reply to your post

I have been in Sales almost all my life. What in the world is wrong with these stores? If they would promote the Special Olympics 2012 project, it would increase sales (assuming they stocked the yarn) Too many college degrees and no common sense?? LOL!
I made copies of the poster and taped it to the yarn end cap at my local Walmart (they do carry the soft navy and cherry red)maybe they'll make some extra $$ despite themselves! It's a wonderful project, thank you!

dsmart1's picture

Thanks for posting early

Last year I did not find the info early enough to complete scarves. This year I will be able to make up for it!

purplerme's picture

2012 Special Olympic Scarf Project

I am so excited to have the new colors! I love this project! Thank you for creating the opportunity!