The Adventures of Gnora & Gnorbert -- Gname the Gnomes

The Adventures of Gnora & Gnorbert -- Gname the Gnomes

We have only a few short weeks to go before Gnora and Gnorbert will be showing off their new babies.  They will be having a boy and a girl.  They can’t make the announcement to the world without names, so we need boy and girl gnome names.  

Gnorbert and Gnora have been so busy preparing for the double arrival, they haven’t thought about names.  Everyone needs a name, so we are asking all of you to help out!  Leave a comment below with your name suggestions.  Remember, we need one for a boy and one for a girl.  These are mythical creatures so we want you to have fun with this.  Go crazy, let’s see how creative everyone can be. 

  • How to participate:  Comment below
  • Deadline:   List your names by November 14, 2012

We will be sending out the birth annoucement  as soon as the twins arrive! 

If you are new to the adventures of Gnorbert & Gnora stories you can learn about them in the links below!


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Naming Baby Gnome Twins

baby boy = Gnarcissus (Greek-means "self-love:)
baby girl = Gnairne (Scottish-means "from the alder tree river")

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baby gnome names

I also like Gnori and Gnorwinn.

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Gname the Gnomes

Gnarter for the boy and Gnockinette for the girl.

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Gnome Twins Names

I think Gnora and Gnorbert should name their twins:
Gnordica and Gnorwood!

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Baby gnome gnames

I like Gnicholas and Gnicolette.

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name the gnomes

I like gnchristy and gnchristian

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Gnerb and Gnina

Gnerb and Gnina

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Boys Names: Gnorwood or

Boys Names: Gnorwood or Gnorman
Girls Names: Gnovalee or Gnormina

Can't wait to see the names!! :)

Gname the Gnomes

Girl: Gnevieve and Boy: Gnereas

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Names for the Twins

Gnitty for the girl and Gnotty for the boy.

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Boys Names: Gnorwood or

Boys Names: Gnorwood or Gnorman
Girls Names: Gnovalee or Gnormina

Can't wait to see the names!! :)

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Gminnie and Gmo

Gminnie and Gmo

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Baby Gnome Gnames

I like the names Gnellie and Gneill for the twins.'s picture

Gnome Twins

Gnoel and Gnoella, the Christmas baby gnomes

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How about:

Gnoel for boy because it's almost Christmas.
And Gnerella for a girl, she will most likely have golden hair like Cinderella!

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Gnomeo and Gnuliet assuming one boy and one girl.

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Gnome names

Gnabella and Gnevan

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Gnome Names :)

Gnathan and Gnancy!

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Name the twins

Girl names:

Boy. Names:

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Gnome names

I like Al(paca) for a boy and Ang(ora) for a girl :)

Or Gnadia and Gnathaniel if you have to have a G name, lol.

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gname the gnomes

Gnorman and Gnaida

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Gnome Names

For the girl: Gnibblet
For the boy: Gnibbler

As they would both be so tiny

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Gnome Names

GNelson & GNaomi sound wonderful to me!

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Name the Gnomes

Boy: Gnolan
Girl: Gnelly

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gnome baby names

Gnoralee and Gnickolas is my choice

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baby gnomes names

Ladty Gnoelina : noel +lina (pronounce like carolina). Lord Gnottingham

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Gnaming the Gnomes

Gnorvin & Gnorryn} The reason behind these names are of course they have to have the Gnome beginning} Gno! So then I thought about taking from the parents’ names, came up with Gnorrod & Gnorberta but then I thought why not go with my husbands name for the boy and mine for the girl, Kevin & Kathryn. Taking the vin & ryn off our names so you have for the girl: Gnorryn & for the boy: Gnorvin! I did keep the “r” as in the parents’ names “Gnor”, that way they all belong in the same family! Gnorbert, Gnora, Gnorvin & Gnorryn Gnome

PS: Love it!

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Gnorton & Gnormandie

Gnorton and Gnormandie would be fantastic names for the twins.
They both would have names related in meaning to their dad (the one who started it all).
Gnorbert means bright north.
Gnorton means from the town in the north and Gnormandie means land of the northern folk.
How could Gnora argue with such meaningful names? ;)

I vote for Gnorton and Gnormandie!

Gname the Gnomes

How about Gnorlana (girl) and Gnorbert Junior (boy)?

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Naming the twins

Boy Names - Gnoah, Gnorman
Girl Names - Gnorma, Gnova

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Gnome Names

Gnomie and Gnina!