Boston Marathon Scarf Project

Boston Marathon Scarf Project

To remember those whose lives were taken, brave responders, and those still recovering from the Boston Marathon tragedy, the Old South Church in Boston is putting together the Marathon Scarf Project.  They are collecting handmade (knit or crochet) scarves for runners of the Boston Marathon. Organizers of this project say, "In this year of Remembrance and Hope, our vision is to wrap each runner in the love poured into stitches of handmade blue and yellow scarves. We promise to wrap runners in your love until all your scarves are distributed."


  • Scarves should be approximately 4-6" wide and 60" long in blue and yellow, any pattern (use the official Boston Athletic Association colors Pantone 109C and Pantone 294C as a guide).  --- Red Heart Yarns color and pattern suggestions below.
  • All scarves should be in by April 5th, 2014 and they will hand out all of the scarves to the runners. See more details at
  • Include contact information with the scarves you make
  • Share your scarves and scarves in progress with Old South Church's Facebook page, and tweet photos at @OSCboston. Use #marathonscarves and #oneyearlater on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Ship scarves to:
    Old South Church in Boston
    645 Boylston St.
    Boston, MA 02116

  • Questions? Email

Red Hear Yarns suggested colors:
E300 Super Saver: 324 bright yellow or 321 gold and 385 royal

Super Saver Bright Yellow   Super Saver Gold 

E400 With Love: 1201 daffodil and 1814 true blue
With Love Daffodil  With Love True Blue

E797 Team Spirit: 980 Navy/Gold  - 1 Yarn/2 Colors
Red Heart Team Spirit Navy/Gold

To purchase these Red Heart yarns online, please visit

Quick and easy pattern ides:
Heartwarming Scarf - C     Baby Cable Scarf - C        Super Easy Scarf - C       Side to Side Scarf - C
Heartwarming Crochet Scarf  Baby Cable Scarf  Super Easy Scarf  Side to Side Scarf
  Simple Knit Scarf - K      Heartwarming Scarf - K    Basketweave Scarf - K         Ribbed Scarf - K
Simple Knit Scarf  Heartwarming Knit Scarf  Basketweave Scarf  Ribbed Scarf
     Scarf for Dad - K                 Scarf for Boy - C               Colleen's Scarf - C        Woven Stitch Scarf - C
Scarf for Dad  Scarf for Boy  Colleen's Scarf  Woven Stitch Scarf
      Let's Win Scarf - C         Rah-Rah Ruffles - C       Hooray Team Scarf - K      My Team Forever - C              
Let's Win Scarf  Rah-Rah Ruffles  Hooray Team Scarf  My Team Forever Scarf               
Scalloped Edge Scarf - C   Lacy Bobble Scarf - C          
Scalloped Edge Scarf   Lacy Bobble Scarf