Caps for Good

Caps for Good

We often make baby hats as shower gifts for our friends and family. These hat keep babies warm, but aren’t essentials to their life and safety.

When I read about Save the Children’s outreach, I was moved to tell you more about it. Think of making something tiny such as  baby hat and saving a life. It sounds so simple.

Save the Children’s newborn health programs are asking you to help with their Caps for Good program. To reduce deaths in newborns in countries such as Africa, Asia and Latin America, knit and crochet baby caps keep new babies warm. This is just one way to help new mothers care for their babies along with basic newborn care and counseling on breastfeeding.

If you have small amounts of yarn, make a few. It’s a good way to end the year and feel great about using your knitting and crochet skills to help a new mom and her baby. Try this Preemie Hat pattern that can be used by tiny babies. This pattern makes 11” circumference knit or crochet hats in two weights of yarn.  The knit Sweet Baby Hat gives two sizes – 12” and 14” circumference. There are also patterns available from the Craft Yarn Council.


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Winter project to support cancer patients

4 years ago I spent a terrifying winter in and out of the hospital. I had 2 cancer surgeries followed by a stroke 2 days after the second surgery and a stent put in my brain. Today I am cancer free (knock wood) and the effects of the stroke are minimal but I have severe osteoarthritis and need to have both knees replaced. I wanted to find something I could do to pay forward all the support I was given while going through this terrible time but I was limited by my arthritis. I have begun crocheting very simple lap blankets for cancer patients in the hospital, small enough not to be cumbersome and large enough to give a little extra warmth while sitting in a cold hospital room ( I never could get warm). I am retired and limited on what I can spend on yarn but friends with less time to spend have been offered to bring me skeins of yarn. I am even taking their scraps for granny squares. I'm not terribly talented but a simple throw blanket gift is a way to let someone going through such a devastating illness that they are being thought of and prayed for What better way to spend a cold winter than sipping tea, watching old movies, and crocheting a blanket for someone in the hospital.

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We make hats and scarves for the orphanage as well as the elderly in Vladivostok, Russia. It is at the end of the trans-Siberian railway and as you can imagine, freezing cold! Some places there do not even have electricity. Any one wishing to participate by either donating yarn or their skills in crocheting or knitting hats, scarves, baby blankets, shawls, and/or blankets would be greatly appreciated by those less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you for your consideration. :-)

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Hats to donate

I made roughly 75 hats for the caps for good and never got them in the mail. Would love for them to go to a good cause. Where can I send them? I also have a few baby blankets to send along. I can also always use a good "busy" project if you would know of a shawl pattern to crochet that is easy to medium in difficulty.

Teresa Wiegand

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want to know.....

Does anyone know when Caps for good will start up again?
I've already started crocheting hats.

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Hi, I did caps too last year,

Hi, I did caps too last year, and like you said have already started to make more, but they're not collecting any this year. I had called to confirm. . but you could probably donate them to a local children hospital.

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Special Scarfs for the Olympics

I like to knit and crochet, I have made 10 scarfs and would like to know where to start sending them this year? I have been doing this for the past few years and get great pleasure out of doing it for all the Special People. Also have bought more red and blue so ready to knit more, I like the freedom to make my own pattern's. I also like to make hat's for the head start children and the homeless.

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For complete information

For complete information about the Special Olympics scarf project, you may want to visit They have all the information you need about where to send your completed scarves.


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I did the Caps for Good too.

In Februrary I sent two caps to the
Caps for Good. It was the first charity
I ever sent to and I thought it was so nice.
Unfortunately it ended in Februrary because
they where going to start to send the caps
overseas. I can't wait till it starts up again.
And they sent me a postcard saying thank you
for contributing to them. How Nice!

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Knitted and crotchet hats

Please also knit or crotchet for cancer patients too! They need hats to keep their heads warm as well. Do a search and you will find places that acdcept them.

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hats for cancer patients

Do you know where they can be sent in SC, I have been wanting to do this for a long time but can never find where they need to go, I want to help people in our state. I also love the preemie project, but the way this world is, I want to be sure that the place these are sent are for the people they are intended not for someone to make money on for themselves. I hope you understand what I am saying.

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You may want to check with

You may want to check with the volunteer coordinator at your local hospital or chapter of the American Cancer Society. They can usually tell you where to send the caps. They may also have a program in your community who would be happy to receive them.

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With this conversation about knitting hats for babies, I would like to remind people that there are many who can benefit from a knitted hat.
In my community, there are two ladies who volunteer at two different homeless shelters and they tell of the people who show up and what they need. Keeping warm in the winter is difficult and so I use up odds and ends of yarn to make hats and scarves and sometimes mittens. Occasionally I will donate an afghan but primarily I make hats.
One of the nice things about knitting small projects is that you can experiment with different stitches and patterns.
The important thing to remember is to use machine washable/dryable yarns.
And for those who say they don't have time, think of this as TV watching work. It also is a great diet techinique because it's a bit harder to eat and knit at the same time. ;-)

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Hats for the Homeless

I also make hats for the homeless. I began making them in mid-December and donated 175 to the local shelter here in Charlotte, NC thru February. I have continued knitting hats and currently have 200 more to donate when the weather changes again. My goal is to make at least 1 hat a day and have them ready for fall.

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my grandmother teach me when I was grow up. now she gone for now. I love to knit diffent stuff

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My husband and I just found

My husband and I just found out we're having twins so i've been so anxious worrying about their health and the fact that I now have a high risk pregnancy so I decided that i'd make hats for tiny babies to keep myself busy so I have less time to worry. Hopefully it works:)

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Cover Your Head !

As a small girl in upstate NY I remember hearing Cover your head ! before going outside. I now live in TN and work at a school. So many children right here need to cover their heads so a couple years ago we started making hats for the kids. I give them to the Principal and she passes them out.What a Blessing. I will continue and have gotten more people involved. We need to look in our own backyard, the needs are there. I use the free Redheart patterns. Have used Redheart for 45 years and never been diappointed. Good Knitting !

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local schools

thanks for the great idea. I'm constanly looking for ways to contribut using my hobbies in my community. Our local county baptist association has a ministry for the fair when they are in town. I made hat/scarf sets last year. It went over really well.
The hats for the school is a way I can give locally. Love it.

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Crochet caps for Caps for Good

Crochet caps are welcome as well as knitted ones. For more information, click on the red Caps for Good link in Nancy's post. It will tell you where to send the caps and other information about the program.

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Hats for "Caps for Good"

I am so happy to have found this project here. I have lots of baby yarn suitable for this project and I am determined to use it up for this project by February 2011. I am appreciative of the fact that there are both knit and crochet patterns here, as well as directions for sport weight and worsted weight yarns!

Thanks Red Heart!

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Caps for Good

Made a dozen or so so far. Enjoy using my baby color stash for something positiiive

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Can we send hats that we crochet or are you only accepting knit hats, and where can I get more info?

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I crochet hats for "STITCHES

I crochet hats for "STITCHES FROM THE HEART" and 2 local hospitals for newborns...........and I love it! I will use these patterns for something different.