Confused about what solids to mix with multis?

Confused about what solids to mix with multis?

Look no further!  Our Multi Coordinates list takes the mystery out of which solids go with your favorite multis!  This printable list which includes all of our multi color yarns that have solid coordinates, is a great reference to keep on hand.  

To get to this page, click HERE or go to the YARN page, and you will see in red MULTI COORDINATES LIST just to the right of the main picture below the copy paragraph.   

Another way to view solid coordinates is to click on the individual multi shade and scroll down - the actual swatches of  the  matching solids are displayed below the individual multi shade. This will give you a more visual way to select the colors you want.  As an example, click HERE  and scroll down to see the color coordinates for Super Saver Monet Print. 


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Left over yarn

I need something to do with these little balls
of yarn no bigger than a golf ball. Can you
help me find something? Usually I make up a
scrap throw to use it up. Any more suggestions?
judy jennings

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This list is great! I order most of my yarn online, so when I want to change the colors given in a pattern, I have to guess at what goes with what. I see a lot of prints I've never tried or even seen before, so I'm really glad to have this resource. Thanks!