Double Stitch Twins - Red Heart Yarns

Double Stitch Twins - Red Heart Yarns

Discover crochet fashionistas Erika and Monika Simmons, aka the Double Stitch Twins. Their fun, flirty designs are inspiring a new wave of crocheters.  Red Heart is excited to share their new patterns. Enjoy!

“We are very pleased to announce our new collaboration with Red Heart Yarns. From the beginning, Red Heart has been a Double Stitch favorite.” ~ Double Stitch Twins

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   Colorful Cowl          Multi-Wear Poncho           Newsboy Hat         Versatile Circle-wrap


Orange Shrug

I view a photo of the two of you, one had on an Orange Shrug ( net stitch) and the other had on an Orange with Yellow trim Shrug.
I was wondering if the pattern is available for purchase? Or can I use the Two-Tone Shrug pattern just changing the stitches?
Is there a chance you guys will be coming to California any time soon, or displaying your work at Macy's in CA?

P.S I too have identical twins, Khaydeen and Khaylenn (boys 6 yrs. old in July). What a BLESSING and JOY they are.

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I am in awe of your beautiful work!! You have inspired me to get back to crocheting, but it never seems like there is enough time. I can't wait to see what else you will create!

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Good Job

I have recently started back crocheting after about 20 years. Love you patterns. They are so easy to understand and duplicate. I made the newsboy cap that was a big hit with my new group. Have been following your careers(both) . Are you going to offer the multi wrap pattern any time soon? I would love to make it after seeing your video showing it. Please reply. Keep up the good work.


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Circle Wrap!

Hey Ladies! It's great to see that you all have partnered with Red Heart. I just finished the circle wrap. It was quick and fun; my favorite kind of project! Keep the greatness coming. Your creativity is inspiring. I look forward to seeing the fashions that you come up with for the"not so thin".

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I love your circle shawl

Good morning I love your circle shawl so cool! But I have a question for you, This fall I saw a girl walking down the street a block away from me and she was wearing a jacket vest crocheted solid in the same circle multi colored pattern on this vest. Do you have any idea where I might find that pattern? Thanks again for the patterns I love them! Bless you heart!

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Loopy Hobo purse

I have just picked crochet up again and I love you ladies. My 1st item was the Hobo bag. It was easy and it is Awesome! I get so many compliments. Thanks,

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Finding skirts for plus size.

Dear Ladies:
Iknow that you don't really deal with full figure women like myself, but I would love to see if you have patterns that deals with plus sized women. I would love learn how to make skirts for sizes 14 to above. If you don't have any would you tell me where I could find some, please.

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Re: Finding skirts for plus size.

Greetings! Thank you so much for your support. At the start of our crochet career, we created tons of "body conscious" designs. But then, we started to find joy in creating traditional but funky, accessories like,hats & scarves. Later accessories like wraps, shawls and ponchos took our interest.
But as time progressed & we learned more about fit and style for items like jackets, dusters, skirts, & dresses for fashionistas of all sizes.
We appreciate you for continuing to follow us and we are happy to say that we have a nice skirt pattern on the way that you are sure to love! Keep looking out and rest assured that it will be offered in a plethora of sizes to flatter all body types.
Talk to you soon and continue to "do what you love, and share, what you do".

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Such an inspiration

Thank you Double stitch tiwns for your inspirations patterns ... I just got your book and I can not wait to get started on the patterns in the book. Keep it up.

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Thank you All!

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. We are working on more fabulous patters right now and we can't wait to share them with you!

"Do what you love, and share what you do!"

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Thanks all for your

Thanks all for your wonderful comments. We are working on some super cool patterns now and can't wait to share them with you! So keep checking back!

"Do what you love and share what you do!"

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Finding skirt patterns

Dear Ladies:
I wanted to know if there are any pattern for skirts.
The reason for the question is because I would like to start doing skirt (simply & easy).

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Patterns for Skirts

Absolutely! We recently made a simple and super cute skirt pattern and your gonna love it! Coming Soon! Thanks

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Luv Your Work!!!

I've been following your work for a while and I simply LUV it. Both of you create great colorful pieces. Thanks for the patterns and keep up the great work.


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Double Stitch Twins

SO EXCITED!!! More, more, more!!!

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Free Patterns

Not only are your patterns absolutely beautiful, they're pretty easy to follow! You bring a whole new meaning to the world of crochet and knitting. I'll have fun working on these patterns!!!

You guys are beautiful!

You have brought a new level of style to knitting & crocheting. Keep up the good work!

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Your patterns

You girls are just adorable--and your patterns are likewise--so glad Red Heart chose to share your patterns with us--they are so easy to follow--keep them coming okay--?

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Double Stitch Twins

Beautiful and talented--a double threat! LOVE their patterns!

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Love your work. Will be

Love your work. Will be making your projects and looking forward to more of them!

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Thank you DoubleStitch Twins

I really like your patterns. I tried the newsboy cap and the wrap and they look marvelous. Thanks for sharing these with us. JLM =)

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Do you have any ideas or cool

Do you have any ideas or cool designs using sequin appliques? I'd like to spice things up a bit and make some cool scarves for winter.

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Using sequins is a good idea! Sequin appliques on the bottom part of a scarf, or in the center of crochet flowers would really do the trick. thanks for the idea and look forward to some patterns that include sequins soon.

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Double stitch twins

I love the knitted patterns that the Double Stitch twins are awesome it is that two sisters have a love of needlework.

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Doublestitch Twins


Can't wait to get started these patterns look hot!!!!!


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Welcome Double Stitch Twins

I will be a definate follower of your patterns.
Can't wait to get started

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the free patterns

I love the new stuff that the double stitch twins is doing, they are really talented......beautiful patterns.....and they are FREE....thanks for getting the twins to do your designs.....Pam