I Love Yarn Day

I Love Yarn Day


What will you do on October 14th? This is the day for first annual I Love Yarn Day and you could do anything that involves yarn. Celebrate in big and little ways with all your friends.

For example, our crochet designers, the Double Stitch Twins have created two patterns for I Love Yarn Day, and are going to put out the word to put a group together for a Crocheting in Public event (call it CIP). There will be special events in stores.

Check with your favorite yarn shopping place to see if they have anything planned. If not, go anyway – you can never have too much yarn!

You could simply wear your favorite knit or crocheted sweater or scarf to show your needlecrafting spirit.

Bring your knitting or crocheting to work. Share your love of yarn with all your co-workers and friends.

Best idea yet – check out the I Love Yarn Day web site. They’ll be offering lots of excitement, including a bunch of free patterns from celeb knit and crochet designers around the country.



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Celebratiing Yarn Day

I love the idea of a yarn day and suggest this to celebrate it. My sister recently joined a group at her church making lapghans for nursing home residents and other elderly in the church. My idea is for her to host a yarn trade party for this day. Invite the women from the group to bring a bag of yarns they no longer need to trade with the other members. This will liven up eveyrone's stash and inspire new ideas. Patterns for their favorite stitches can also be shared.
For refreshments she will be serving hot and iced coffee and tea with either sandwiches or donuts. And decorate the table with crocheted doilies and coasters, using a crochetd tablecloth or runner would add to the decor too.

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I love yarn day

I have to work that day, however, I will crochet same. I will have a project with me at work, in my cubicle I'll answering the phones, and crocheting. If anyone says anything, I 'll tell them it is national I Love Yarn Day.

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I Love Yarn Day

Finally a day for public acknowledgement! And it has a web site too-I'll be there!I do believe I will spend the day crocheting various projects I have going on,Hats for kids on chemo and my annual donation to our local mitten tree drive.Perhaps I will use part of that day to put together the motifs of a scrap afghan I'm making for a friends little one. I do believe I will go buy more yarn too-there's no way to ever have enough yarn let alone too much. Love the new varigated shown made into the scarf.One of the prettiest afghans I ever made was motifs out of almost all your varigated yarns edged in black. Looked like stained glass and to this day the receipients love it and display it on the back of an antique rocker. Yarn has its very own day-about time!!