Music is the Issue! - Crochet Today!

Music is the Issue! - Crochet Today!


I just got my January/February issue of Crochet Today! and I don’t think I’ve ever been this wowed! It’s their “music issue” and all the projects are inspired by musical themes. Fashions are presented like Bohemian Rhapsody in the form of a cozy shawl, and Purple
Haze is a sweater that is featured on the cover. Get the idea?! There are equally fun accessory projects with Broadway show themes, like the Chicago Headline cloche inspired by the hit musical. And for Valentine’s day gifts there are projects inspired by love songs, like You’re Still the One Throw

For those of you who are lucky enough to have received an Apple iPad, Nook or Kindle (I got a Nook from Santa), you’ll be happy to know this magazine is available as a digital subscription. Or you can preview the issue before buying it.

I found it nice to have the chance to painlessly help the Krochet Kids International project. I downloaded a special “Crochet Today Playlist” that I’m bopping to as I’m writing this. Details on page 6 of the magazine. 

Now what to crochet first? The amazing Fab Four Amigurumi for my Beatles-loving, guitar-playing nephew with a birthday in January or the Sweet Dreams are Made of This pillow for my drab sofa….hmmm.




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Love it!

I love the magazine! I bought it at the store (not subscribed), I thought that 6.99 was a bit pricey. But it was so worth it! By far the best magazine! The patterns are so cool and different ,just beautiful. I especially like the 8o's redo Xanadu Pullover, Joplin Vest and the Chicago Headliner Hat. And all the cool little articles in there too. If you don't subscribe to the magazine and haven't bought it. BYE IT!! It won't be around long. BYE IT!