My Resolution- Craft Management

My Resolution- Craft Management

My job on the Red Heart staff is all about getting hundreds of designs produced each year that we share with you on our website. Sometimes I am amazed at how many designs we actually get through our system. In 2012 we had over 400 designs added to the site (bringing our total to over 1,800).

Producing a design includes working with the designers, product managers, art director, photographers, technical editors and graphics people. It is much more of a production than making something on my own. HOWEVER, I am never successful in getting as many projects done for my personal enjoyment as I would have liked to get done. You would think that making things for my own enjoyment would be easier and quicker. I was trying to analyze why it takes longer when I only have myself to worry about and came to the conclusion that, at work we have a plan, and in my personal crafting I have no plan. There is truly something to be said for being organized and having a schedule of craft events.

So this year I am planning out what I want to make. No fancy project management software, I’m just marking my calendar on the date when I need to decide on the project, allowing time to get the yarn and needles and hooks together, plus time to order the yarn on line (in case it’s not in the store).

January Wreath of the Month

I’m thinking that after decades of marriage, I will actually knit my wonderful husband a sweater…or maybe a vest…for his birthday. I am going to plan now for a few other birthday gifts, an Anniversary throw for my sister and her husband (who will be celebrating a year that ends in zero), a garland for the mantel for Thanksgiving, and Christmas presents for all my favorite people.

Working on our wreaths that we are featuring in our new Wreath of the Month calendar has made me think that I may want to have a wreath on my front door….I just have to plan out my time and see if there will be enough time…..hmm…. Download our January Snowflake Wreath pattern and Enter to Win our Wreath of the Month giveaway.


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Color Comparing

Although I'm not new to crocheting I am new to blogs and such tasks as navigating the different sites, I have a question/idea I'd like to put out there. First off, I think your catalog (online) was absolutely beautiful. I didn't realize all the types of yarn you offer much less the colors. I have something in mind I'd like to make but I'm unsure of the colors I'd use. I've been a poor judge of what colors would look good together in many aspects, from painting a room to making a crochet project. Is there a way of offering the shopper a way of choosing up to maybe 4 colors from your yarn color palet and clicking on them or dragging them to an area where we can see what they look like next to each other - judgeing different options and therefore making the best decision for our intended projects? Maybe there is something out there like this but I think it would be a winner of a idea for those of us that lack the gift of being an interior design expert.'s picture

Adding Designs

What I'd like to see on your website are some of the old/vintage Red Heart and Coats & Clark designs. I have collected scores of your old pamphlets, booklets, and books, but know I still only have a few compared to how many were published and most knitters/crocheters have none. Do sort of like when Vogue republished the Weldon patterns.