The next generation of unique fashion yarn is here! Red Heart® Boutique™ features six new quality yarns that can be knitted or crocheted into beautiful accessories and garments.

“The Boutique collection is inspired by European yarn trends with textures that make them irresistible.” said Nancy Thomas, Creative Director of Red Heart® Yarns. “The colors of the yarn are more sophisticated and create a unique look that is fun and great for quick projects!”

The six innovative yarns in the new Boutique™ collection:

  1. Red Heart Boutique Eclipse Yarn. Soft, wool blend yarn with a gorgeous subtle striping pattern. One color melts into the next creating a beautiful effect with a high end look. This versatile chainette yarn can be used for a wide range of projects including accessories and apparel.
  2. Red Heart Boutique Changes Yarn. With six yarns in one, this appealing textured yarn has ample yardage to make a one-ball scarf. The six different yarns are a combination of texture, metallic, and brushed in tonal colorations. Changes is available in six shades and ideal for accessories as well as garments.
  3. Red Heart Boutique Swirl Yarn. Soft texture is the perfect description of Swirl. A combination of quick-to-make and ease-of-use makes it ideal for beginners as well as the more advanced. It makes beautiful scarves, hats, and other unique accessories.
  4. Red Heart Boutique Cosmic Yarn. Cosmic is fun to use and the super bulky weight allows knitters and crocheters to create scarves in just a few hours. The fun-to-make drop scarf featured on the label is on our Red Heart Yarns YouTube channel with a "how to" video showing the fun technique. This yarn will surely have customers return to buy again and again.
  5. Red Heart Boutique Big & Lite Yarn. The latest news in yarn is thick yarns with a soft, light feel that contributes to a beautiful drape. This super bulky weight yarn is ideal for knitters and crocheters who don't have lots of time and want to create fashionable, fun projects that are easy-to-make.
  6. Red Heart Boutique Fur Sure Yarn. A next generation of faux fur has arrived. It is subtle in appearance and colorations and also ultra soft. Use it for easy scarves and for accents and trims on anything you'd like to spice up with furry texture. 

Here are just a few of the beautiful free patterns using the Boutique yarns.


             Lara's Cowl               One-Ball Crochet Loop Scarf            Relaxed Cardi


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I would love to see Red Heart have a reward program. I buy A LOT of yarn for my products and gifts. I know we can get amazing discounts( I saved over $40 with the 20% off!) But it would be great if we got points for special pricing or eligible for free products like some bookstores do. But either way I will keep ordering more yarns. Absolutely love the new boutique yarns!

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Red Heart Yarn

I really like Red Heart yarns too. I really think that they sell a yarn for every type of project, and it's good, quality yarn that has been around since 1936 (75 years). Thank you Red Heart.

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I learned to crochet when I was ten years old in 4-H and have never stopped! Red Heart yarn is the only brand I buy. Very loyal to your product due to quality, price, and the lovely colors you offer. I also love that the yarn never splits when crocheting or gets nubbies after many washings!

I recently taught my best friend's daughter to crochet using Red Heart of course.

I have made many projects over the past 30 years. I usually enjoy making gifts for friends and family which are always well received.

I have not been able to work for the past 5 months due to health concerns. Crocheting daily has helped me fill my days.

Go Red Heart!!!!

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Subject :Red Heart Yarn

I really use a lot of Red Heart yarns for my projects. I especially like the new chunky yarn they came out with. It works up in the leg warmers real nice. Thanks Red Heart