NEW Red Heart Boutique Yarns are here! Hooray!

NEW Red Heart Boutique Yarns are here!   Hooray!


NEW Red Heart Boutique Yarns are here! Hooray! You have to try them out and let us know which one is your new favorite.


Boutique Chic - Amazing chenille yarn with faux fur poms attached randomly along the yarn. One skein knits or crochets up to a gorgeous scarf that looks like it cost a fortune, only you and I know the secret – and I’m not telling! 




Boutique Swerve – By far the easiest yarn to make a quick and colorful one- of- a- kind scarf!  So, if you’ve got a friend or a child who has never knit or crocheted but has always wanted to, this is the yarn for you! All you do it unravel the whole ball, fold it in half and make a slip knot.  From there you just use your hand to pull the loops through (ala finger crochet). In just minutes, you will have a beautiful scarf.  View the video for instructions.


Boutique Unforgettable – the name really says it all – gorgeous colors, soft roving style yarn – just buy some and you will not regret it.  Here are some free patterns for inspiration.   




 Boutique Ribbons – If you love Sashay, you will love Ribbons more!  This beautiful ribbony yarn comes in gorgeous colors with a little metallic to add a touch of bling to any outfit!   And what girl doesn’t love some bling?  The best part about Ribbons is that it has a track on the top side to make stitching super easy.  Ribbons creates a beautiful ruffly scarf with just one ball.  Watch the video to learn how. 


    Here are several new free patterns for these yarns!

             Luxe in a Hurry Scarf                       Scarf in a Jiffy

    Luxe in a Hurry Scarf Crochet Pattern  Scarf in a Jiffy Free Pattern

          Crochet Lorelei Shawl                     Lola's Scarf

    Crochet Lorelei Shawl Crochet Pattern  Lola's Scarf Knitting Pattern


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Prayer Shawls

I use many types of Red Heart yarn to create interesting prayer shawls. Start crocheting 56 years ago.:)