Popcorn Square in the Checkerboard Textures Throw Crochet Along

Popcorn Square in the Checkerboard Textures Throw Crochet Along

Welcome back to the Checkerboard Textures Throw Crochet-Along! This week we will be working on the Popcorn Square (LW4132-4), which you can find here.

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We post pictures of how to do each stitch pattern and crochet a very small sample as an example. Use the stitch counts in the actual pattern to make the square big enough for an afghan.

To start, chain 36 loosely and then do a row of single crochet so you have 35 stitches. Chain 3, which counts as a double crochet, and then do two more double crochet stitches as normal. 

To start making the popcorn, do 4 double crochet stitches into the same single crochet stitch. 

4 double crochet in single crochet

Make the loop on your hook slightly larger than normal so you won't lose it, then remove your hook from the loop. Take your hook and insert it from front to back into the first double crochet of the 4 you did into the same stitch, and then put the loop back on the hook as normal so you have the loop and the fabric on your hook. Pull the loop  through the fabric so you have just the loop on your hook, and then do a chain stitch. 

hook inserted

Do three double crochets into the next three stitches as normal, and the popcorn will "pop" out from the fabric. 

popcorn popped

Continue across the row, doing a popcorn and then three double crochet stitches.

after first popcorn row

Do a row of single crochet, doing a single crochet stitch into each double crochet stitch and into the chain-1 space at the top of each popcorn. Each popcorn counts as one stitch on the single crochet row.

The second popcorn row has the same idea as the first one, but the popcorns will be offset from each other. You'll chain 3, which counts as a double crochet stitch, and then immediately do a popcorn. Continue the pattern of doing 3 double crochet in between each popcorn, and you'll see how the popcorns on the second popcorn row are centered in between the popcorns on the first popcorn row. 

after second popcorn row

Continue repeating the pattern of Row 2-5: first popcorn row, single crochet row, second popcorn row, single crochet row. The popcorns will arrange themselves in a nice pattern. 

popcorn square without border

You'll be doing the same border we have done for the previous textured squares. You'll crochet along the top, down one side, across the bottom, and back up the other side and fasten the border with a slip stitch. In each corner stitch you'll do a single crochet, chain 3, and another single crochet to make the corner lay flat.

popcorn square with border

To make sure you have 33 stitches on the sides of the square, the designer suggests marking the ends of rows 5, 13, and 19. As you make these rows put a stitch marker at either end of the row. When you go along the side for the border, do a single crochet into the end of every single crochet row except the rows you marked and do a single crochet into the top of and around the post of every double crochet. (Make sure you remove your stitch markers as you go!)

Now you're finished! (Go have a treat!) We'll release the next square on April 2, 2014. You will need 10 Granny Squares and one each of the other squares for the finished afghan, so if you're starting late you can get started on making those squares.

Introduction to the Crochet Along
Cross-Stitched Square
Granny Square
Back Loops Square
Front Post Treble Crochet Square
Raised Crochet Treble Square
Front Post Double Crochet Square
Back Loop & Front Loop Square
Front Post Double Crochet around Single Crochet Square
Shells with Front and Back Post Stitches Square
Double Crochet & Slip Stitch Square
Finishing and Border 

Official Rules


anniestan's picture

Popcorn Square

Why is my popcorn square not square. It looks like is want to lean into more of a parallelogram with the top and bottoms parallel but the sides slanting (top corner farther slanted right and the lower left corner much farther left and not lining up with the upper left corner). I have had not trouble with the other squares being the right size and lying nice and square...particularly the grannies, which I have finished.

Please help. I have redone the popcorn square many times over trying to get size right, but this slanted non-square shape is a puzzler. Hope you can help.

Thank you for such a nice project!

redheart's picture

Popcorn Square

Hi, Are you following the pattern and making sure that popcorns are offset? If the parallelogram is not extreme, you may be able to fix it when you sew it in place in the afghan. If it is too extreme for that, it sounds like you may be increasing on one side and decreasing on the other side.

missfit5679's picture

can someone please tell me

can someone please tell me how many time I need to repeat rows 2 - 5 on the popcorn square?

redheart's picture

can someone please tell me

Hi, You do Rows 2-5 a total of 6 times (one original and 5 repeats).

shaye47's picture

Question on number of blocks

I can not find it at this moment, but I have noticed some have questioned the number of blocks in the afghan. Could this be because the Granny Square does not have a number and the others do so it throws off the count? Instead of showing 5 it only shows 4 plus the Granny. Why did the designer do this? I know it puzzled me for a bit until I put it together, finally, when the house was peacefully calm.
Thanks, as someone else mentioned, for a slow paced CAL.

rachellemccann's picture

You will do 10 of the granny

You will do 10 of the granny square and one each of the others for a total of 20 squares.

mommahawke's picture

Row markings

I just noticed that in the blog it states: "To make sure you have 33 stitches on the sides of the square, the designer suggests marking the ends of rows 5, 9, 13, 17, and 21" but in the actual pattern it only mentions 5, 13 & 19. Which is correct?

redheart's picture

Row markings

Hi, Thanks for noticing! The pattern is correct.

threelockbox's picture

too large of squares

I was coming up with a square 15 inches wide when using the instructions. By trial and error, I started with sc only 26 and got it close to what dimensions they said.

AnnwithnA's picture


I've noticed that at least one of the patterns calls for a smaller hook. Maybe therein lies the problem? Best wishes everyone on this project. I'm loving it. Especially in knowing it will get me through the camping season as well on those forboding rainy weekends that we occasionally run in to.

Maroon's picture

popcorn square

when counting row 4 in the picture I came up with 9 popcorn stitches. And in every other row there after. Is this correct? It did work for me to do the 9th popcorn stitch in those rows. Only problem square is too wide. Help please

lld68's picture

I don't know if it is

I don't know if it is 'correct', but that is exactly how mine turned out. Looks geat. Also, I had posted a comment that didn't show up, but if you try to sc in every stitch across you will end up with too many sc. I skipped the sc at the top of the popcorn and it worked out perfectly.
I used an 'F' hook and the size is perfect, but I am using Red Heart Super Saver worsted. I know yarn size can affect a project as well as hook size.

mommahawke's picture

sc rows

I think you might be putting a sc in one of the popcorn dc's. I put my sc in each of the three dc's then the chain and it looks like a dc after the chain but it's really part of the 4 that make up the popcorn.

AnnwithnA's picture


The only pattern so far that I haven't had to alter to come out to the right dimensions is the Granny Square but then I guess that's what checking the gauge is all about? :-) I am all caught up with the odd squares and have 2 1/2 Granny Squares left to do for my 10.

Jobateau's picture

larger than the others???

I make this block with 35 stitches, and it becomes much larger than the other blocks!!
Anyone else the same problem???

mommahawke's picture

correct size

I guess I'm lucky. I'm using the With Love yarn and the hook indicated in the pattern and mine came out the same size as all my other squares. Could it be because your stitches are too loose?

threelockbox's picture

crochet along

I had the same problem and with all of the textured squares. I finally out of trial and error single croched 26 sc to start and that helped make it close to what size they have; it was like 15 inches when I did it their way! Glad to know I was not the only one with the problem!

Jobateau's picture

popcorn square

When I make it whit the 35 stitches, it become larger than the other blocks. Anyone els the same problem??

LdyM's picture

Hello, I want to thank you

Hello, I want to thank you for the SLOWER PACE of this CAL. I'm a knitter, looking to become a crocheter. It takes me a couple of trys to get the stitch right and sometimes more than a couple of trys to get the gage right!

Because of the two week window, I haven't become discouraged and just keep pluging along. Most importantly, because I do not feel pressured, I know this will be a project I will complete! I'll be back to RedHeart for more CALs and KALs.

Enjoying myself, LdyM

CatYanke's picture

Number of squares

How many total squares will there be??

redheart's picture

Number of squares

Hi, There are 10 textured square patterns (this is the 4th we've released) and one granny square pattern (also available). To make the afghan as we made it, you will do 10 of the granny squares and one each of the textured squares.

AnnwithnA's picture

Remembering my Log in info a problem?

I only need to come in every 2 weeks to get the new square pattern for the crochet along and from one time to the next you folks can't seem to remember my login info so I've had to continually change it. What gives with that?

redheart's picture

Remembering my Log in info a problem?

Hi, We're sorry to hear you've been having login issues! You don't need to log in to access any of our patterns -- they are available to anyone with or without an account on our site. Meanwhile, you can contact Customer Service at http://www.redheart.com/contact-us or (800) 648-1479 for assistance.

iluvcrochet's picture

Excited to try the Popcorn Square.

This is the first time I'm making something with the popcorn-stitch, so I was excited to give it a try. So far, this is also the first stitch in this CAL that I hadn't tried before in other projects. I think it's more tedious (time consuming) than I thought it would be, but extremely easy, which I greatly appreciate. It's turning out quite nicely, I think.