Red Heart Crochet Along

Red Heart Crochet Along

We are launching a new feature in February…Crochet-a-Long, and it will be through our Red Heart Yarns Facebook page, and we will continue to blog about it here on HeartStrings.  A couple weeks ago, I asked you to give me an idea of what you might like to work on for both knit and crochet projects.  You have given us some wonderful suggestions and our first crochet-a-long will begin on February 14th (Knit-a-long coming soon).  Numerous comments about wanting to learn or make sampler Afghans or throws, various types of ripple Afghans and grannies were mentioned.  Based on those suggestions, we have selected 3 different crochet afghan patterns for you to choose from. 


 Triple Texture Throw       Rainy Day Ripple Throw       Sampler Throw

Please make your selection by commenting on which you would prefer by January 26th, we will post the selected project, and you will have time to purchase items needed for your project.  Just remember….all three of these projects will be great stash busters, so you might want to start there.  

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Rainy Day please

I have made this in varies colours and size now, and just love it, so simple, but different, loved it from the first time I saw it.DyuRw

txcatgirl's picture


I like either Triple Texture or Sampler Throw, but they're all beautiful. Thanks for doing a CAL!

Evalana's picture

CAL Vote

My vote goes to the Rainy Day Ripple.

stitchymcfloss's picture

Crochet Along

I vote for the The Sampler Throw.

It would be a great way to learn new stitches.

lhb's picture


My vote is for Rainy Day Ripple Throw
Love the colors

Nancy Anderson's picture

Afghan Crochet-along

LOVE them all! But the Sampler Throw gets my vote due to the stitch variations practice. Time to get out of my crochet comfort zone a bit:)

anitabook's picture

Crochet-Along Vote

Rainy Day Ripple gets my vote! No squares to sew together!! ;)

I partial to the rainy day

I partial to the rainy day ripple throw

B from Canada's picture

Crochet-a-long choices

I'm torn between Triple Texture and Sampler...will enjoy whichever is chosen.

final decision: Sampler Throw for the crochet-a-long

Thanks for the patterns.

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Crochet Along

I vote for the Sampler Throw.

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crochet along

I'm hesitating between Triple texure throw or Sample throw....Flip a coin Heads I vote for Triple texture

CarrolJ's picture

Crochet Along...

Rainy Day is gorgeous! It definitely gets my vote!!!!

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crochet a long

I vote for rainy day ripple! Looks fun!

anneandrews's picture

Crochet Along

I like the Sampler Throw!!

hkbeale's picture

Crochet along

Love the look of the Sampler Throw. I'm not really in the mood for all those color changes - just want to relax by the fire and crochet away!!! It gets my vote!

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Vote for rainy day ripple

I vote for the rainy day ripple

catpaw51's picture

Crochet Along

I prefer the Sampler Throw! Beautiful textures.

analea's picture

Crochet Along

Rainy Day Ripple Throw

jwilski's picture

Crochet Along

I like all the projects, but my vote is for the Sampler Throw!

sismayes's picture

Crochet along

Would like to vote for Rainy Day Ripple Throw.

I think the Sampler Throw

I think the Sampler Throw would be a great project to build skills...

the triple texture throw would also be a nice choice but i am having trouble picturing it using more appleaing colors than the picture provided. the ripple is just a ripple as far as i can see, while beautiful it seems like it would get easily boring...

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Crochet Along

I think the rainy day throw is a great project for a crochet along.'s picture

voting for.....

...texture or sampler !

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The Rainy Day Ripple Throw is

The Rainy Day Ripple Throw is beautiful. I would pick that one.

nicolep74's picture

Crochet Along

I like the Rainy Day Ripple Throw so that gets my vote

Angela2013's picture

Triple Texture Throw

All three are great, but I like this one best.

msalume's picture

triple texture throw

That's my favorite too! Maybe it's the colors, very soothing.

kafskorner's picture

crochet along

the rainy day ripple is my choice

taminbill's picture

triple texture

just looks too beautiful not to do
cant wait

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Voting for the Sampler Throw

All are good projects and will help me learn some more skills.

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I like the Triple Texture

I like the Triple Texture Throw. Maybe I can make a dent in my stash.

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Crochet Along Vote

The SAMPLER THROW gets my vote for the variety of stitches in its construction.

Designer Mary Ann Frits' inspired color choices, like violets in the spring, add interest to the Rainy Day Ripple. The frequent color changes in construction would make it fun to do.

Being a guy, I just don't relate to bobbles, but I'll still participate and make the Textured Throw as a gift if this is the pattern selected.

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I vote for the Triple Texture Throw!

All three are beautiful choices, but I would have to say that the Triple Texture Throw looks like it would help me use up my stash!

Celestianna's picture

My Vote

is for the Rainy Day Ripple Throw. I love it!

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Rainy Day Ripple Throw

I vote for this one, its so bright and festive just want we need to brighten the winter days up with.

amyjlo00's picture

Crochet Along

My vote is for the triple texture!

Indiecraft's picture

Sampler Throw

I love the colors and the style of the rainy day ripple. but it doesnt get me any kind of challenge. So i vote fro Sampler

I vote for Rainy Day Ripple Throw

Very pretty!

Amy Jewel's picture

crochet along

I love the way the rainy day ripple looks, so that is my vote. I love the clusters & the color changes.

twinglemom's picture

crochet along

I vote for the Sampler throw!

I vote for the Sampler Throw.

I vote for the Sampler Throw.

Rainy Day

My mother in law picked this out when I gave her several of my favorites to choose from. Already have the yarn and it would be great to 'crochet along' with everyone!

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Crochet Along

I vote for the Triple Texture Throw. I think I can make it using my stash.

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I think the Sampler - to learn new stitch techniques

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I think I would like to try the Sampler Throw. I've been sticking to my old standby stitches for too long and need to break out of my rut. I hope the other patterns will be available in case we want to do them on our own in the future.

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I vote for the sampler!

I vote for the sampler!

ponykeg's picture

crochet along

Rainy Day Ripple gets my vote! Love it!!!

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Crochet Along

Rainy Day Ripple! I love that one!

carey51's picture

crochet along

I would love to try the ripple throw.

crochet along

I would love to try the triple texture throw.