Red Heart Yarns Made in the USA

Red Heart Yarns Made in the USA


Red Heart has been around for over 75 years and we are pleased to say that 20 of our yarns are made right here in the USA!  Our team at our mill in Albany, GA is proud to bring these high quality products to you at a great value.

Below is a list and a link to more information on the 20 yarns that are manufactured in the USA.

          Baby Clouds                          Baby Econo                           Baby TLC                             Classic          
Baby Clouds      Baby Econo   Baby TLC    Classic
                Fiesta                                    Holiday                                     Kids                               Light & Lofty
Fiesta     Holiday     Kids     Light & Lofty
                 Sport                         Super Saver Chunky          Super Saver Economy         Super Saver Jumbo
Sport      Super Saver Chunky     Super Saver Economy  Super Saver Jumbo
  Super Saver Regular                Soft Yarn (Solids)                      Super Soft                         Super Tweed  
Super Saver Regular       Soft      Super Soft   Super Tweed
           With Love                                 Baby Love                             Celebration                          Team Spirit
With Love     Baby Love       Celebration   Team Spirit


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I prefer to buy the yarns from Red Hearts that they makes more yarns in USA. If other yarns comes from other country, like China or Japan, I will not buy the yarns from them. Also the yarns from Red Hearts that I am still crocheting/knitting since I was learned at 5 years old that my grandmother and my mother taught me. Still do crocheting/knitting as I am now 65 years old and continuing............. That is my addiction of buying thousands yarns from Red Hearts.

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This is why Red Heart is my

This is why Red Heart is my favorite and what I use for most of my crochet creations.

Thank you Red Heart for supporting the USA and saving American jobs. You're the best.

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I think that yarn that is made in the U.S.A is great! I hope that in the future more yarn, thread, hooks, and needles will be made here at home. There is such a satisfaction about finishing a project that was created by your own hands; and even better when the yarn is made in the U.S.A. I love Red Heart, and I pretty much use the Super Saver for all my projects! Keep up the good yarn work.

From: kcrochetgal, (who crochets at fifteen years old)

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Made in the USA

I buy your yarns that are made in the USA. If I don't see the flag on them, or where it states made in USA then I don't buy them.

I love making all my afghans out of Super Saver because they will last forever and they will wash up nicely time and time again....and the yarn is made here in the USA.

Please bring back more of your yarns to be made here in the USA. We need the jobs.

Keep up the good work. :)

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Made In the good ole' USA

I have used Red Heart yarns since I was a little girl. As a veteran of the Army Nurse Corps, it makes me so very happy to know that my favorite yarn is made right here at home. Keep up the good work, Red Heart!

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Made in America

Thank you sooo much for making your yarn in the best country in the world. I will use nothing more

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I only use Red Heart yarn

I only use Red Heart yarn because it's made in America. If I have a pattern that calls for another brand of yarn, I find the equivalent in Red Heart. I'm glad to see so many people wrote in to share their pleasure at buying an American product.

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Really Happy

I am really happy to read that all these yarns are made in the USA. Too many products in our country today are not made in this country and this means that the jobs are not here. By seeing these yarns made here, I know that the jobs have to be in this country as well and people are working. It also makes me really happy that I buy Red Heart because I know that I'm giving a job to people in this country when so many are being out sourced. I hope that you'll consider making all your yarn in this country and providing more jobs for people here. I will definitely be buying Red Heart now as my primary yarns for projects.

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Made in America

Anything made in America is on my shopping list. Thank you.

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Love Red Hear Yarns

I have been using Red Heart Yarn for almost 50 years. I started knitting when I was 14 and when I need a good quality yarn that will last for a long time, I use Red Heart. I have made many baby afghans, sweaters and hats and full size afghans with this yarn and I am always proud to say that it is made in the USA. I'm proud that Red Heart continues to manufacture their yarn in the United States. Your employees should be commended for the pride they take in making quality products.

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Made in the U.S.A.

That's what it should say on ALL of them. I agree with the previous post. Why should we send all these jobs to foreign countries. We've sent them enough money over the years. I'm a firm believer that "Charity begins at home." Let's put our own CITIZENS to work.

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Made in the USA

Thank You for making these yarns in the USA can you please start making even more of them here?! We the people have to buy products made here. But we need more products that are made here. I love your yarns and I try to make sure they are made in the USA even if I have to "re-think" what I am going to crochet.

Thank you Red Heart.

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Super Soft!

I love the super soft yarn, and I so hope you will include the other soft colors in that 'family'. I always look to see if a yarn is made here (USA) before buying it, and it pleases me to no end that Red Heart makes it easy for us to find out.

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USA made

I am so thankful I can stand by my product or gift and say it is American made, not only by me but the product I used to create such a wonderful item. Thank you so much.

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Super Soft Yarn

I am thrilled that RedHeart has come up with the new yarn - Super Soft. I hope that someday soon, it will come in as many colors as the regular Super Saver does. But as for's an amazing yarn and just what I've been wishing for. All the great qualities of RedHeart and wonderful colors, with the hand, washability and durability of all of your yarns. The softness factor is wonderful and makes crocheting with it a great experience. Thanks for listening to your customers and for coming up with this new yarn. I'm sure I will use it for everything I crochet for years to come. BRAVO!!

Memere2's picture

I've also have used Red Heart

I've also have used Red Heart Yarns for over 40 years and have made many afghans, scarfs, ponchos and hats as well as other things. I am very happy that Red Heart Yarn is STILL made in the USA. It is so durable after washing and drying many items they stay as fresh as day one. Keeping the shape of everything over the years keeps me coming back to purchase and use Red Heart Yarns for ALL of my projects. Thank you for making such wonderful yarn and offering a product that is made very well and is still made in USA.

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I am so enthused about using

I am so enthused about using Good old U.S.of A. yarns--from now on, if I dare look at another yarn co., I will be sure to use only Made in USA. Thanks so much---how about if we all spread the word to our follow needleworkers for all USA materials!!!

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Made in the USA

It's great to know that several of the yarns I use are made in the USA!! I think I'll let ABC national news know about this. Thanks so much for keeping jobs here,

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Baby Clouds

I had no idea Baby Clouds was made in the U.S.A. I was surprised to see how many Red Heart yarns were made right here in the U.S.A, but I was surprised to know that Baby Clouds was made right here in the U.S.A

cdabis's picture

Hip-Hip-Horray !!!

Salute to RedHeart for carrying MADE IN THE USA yarns! Keep it up, keep expanding the selections, too! Will you have thread MADE IN THE USA, too?

RedHeart, I'm very proud of you!

badagle's picture

Love Red Heart

It's great that this yarn is made in the USA. I always look to see where the yarn is made. And I appreciate it when the label is clear.

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Yay for U.S.A!!!!!!

That is so wonderful that some yarn is made in the U.S.
Just knowing that feeling that it's made from your hands in your home AND in the U.S.A! Priceless!

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Love Red Heart Yarns

I've used Red Heart Yarns for over 40 years and have made countless projects with it. An afghan hangs over the back of my favorite chair and looks as good as when I crocheted it 25 years ago. Thank you for making such wonderful yarn and offering Made in USA options.

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Made in the USA!

What a wonderful feeling I had reading, for the second time today, a internet article featuring MADE IN THE USA! The other article beside Red Heart Yarn was on the Woman's Day site. The feeling of pride stirred inside of me!

Let's bring back jobs to our US citizens and keep them gainfully employed. The economic situation in the US is deplorable! Give us our pride once again....let us be proud to be Americans and use American made products so no American is without a job! Hooray!