Birthday Celebration Birthday Celebration

We are excited to celebrate the 1 year birthday of the new, and what better way than to share it with all of our wonderful friends of Red Heart.

Congratulations to our winners!!
Denyse Lee
Angela Wilson
Paula Allen

They will be receiving a prize package which includes:

  • Red Heart Boutique Sashay
  • Red Heart Boutique Treasure
  • With Love
  • Needles & Hooks
  • Crochet Today! & Knitting Today! Special Editions
  • Red Heart tote bag

Thanks to all who entered and offered birthday wishes!!! We could not have made it without YOU!

Official Rules


playmom8's picture

i love for all

i love for all the patterns and the yarn selection. i buy nothing but redheart yarn. i am always looking for new and exciting colors. i like the variegated yarns because you never know how it is going to turn out.

Sharen73's picture

My favorite things

I also like the free patterns at but I like going to the yarn page and picking colors for my next projects since some stores don't carry the whole color line it seems or I get there after the colors are picked over.

grandma_ gigi's picture

My favorite yarn

My favorite yarn is and always has been red heart. My grandma showed me how to crochet when I was a little girl. I loved it . It took awhile to get where she is, and I'm not there yet, but I love making hats, afghans, and everything with red heart yarn. I've never had any problems with this yarn. It's always held its color and shape. I have grandkids now and love making them all kinds of things using red heart yarn! I would love to win this gift from you guys, but if I don't, I will continue to use your product until me fingers can no longer hold the yarn to create such beautiful things.

kscarlett's picture

The best yarn site overall!

I seldom keep anything I make (it's all for charity or the occasional gift) so I like the affordability of Red Heart but I also love the pattern selection and the fancier yarns that encourage me to experiment and branch out. I've used Red Heart since I first learned to crochet as a child and I now knit with it as well. I can't sing the praises enough of Red Heart's products, patterns and yarn selections. Thanks so much and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

What I love about Red Heart

Red Heart yarns are easy to find, and come in every color imaginable!!!

mamabus42's picture

I have been crocheting for a

I have been crocheting for a very long time like 60 years and I love Red Heart Yarn. I make everything with it. I wish you have a very more new colors in the yarn. I make a lot for the needy and love to do for them.

ladd7551's picture

Birthday Celebration for

My favorite thing about is the free patterns. I love that they send us the new patterns periodically. They are right in tune with new fashions.

mmarshall1959's picture

Birthday Celebrations!!

Red Heart yarn has been my favorite yarn for more than 40 years. The yarn, color, and patterns have consistently remained of the highest quality! I love my Red Heart yarn!!!

elizabithroze's picture

these are a few of my favorite things...

I LOVE the patters, they are easy to find and up to date. Always have new ones to choose from as well. Thanks Red Heart!

Jody's picture

My Favorite things about Red Heart Yarn

I like the price first. And I can find so many different colors. Also it is easy to find in so many stores. It is easy to use does not split or fray and any project always look good when you get it done. And you can go on Red Heart site and find so many patterns FREE to print and use.

avismarie17's picture

Happy Birthday Redheart!

I love Redheart products!! Have been knitting with Redheart since highschool and thats been over 45 years ago. Took up crocheting about 20 years ago. I have made oodles of mittens, hats, scarves and afghans etc. over the years for gifts, charity, family and still do. The color selection and quality are wonderful. Keep up the good work!'s picture

Thank You for going online!

Thank You for going online! The ease of finding a pattern or project is superb! Now I can easily search for anything from a Beginer's Preemie Baby Hat & Cocoon to the most difficult Afghan. Congratulations on your 1 Year Birthday, Red Heart!

stinkpot64's picture

what i like about redheart

I love the many, many different colors, different textures, from worsted weight to fine, but most of all, i love that they are inexpensive and I pick that every time.

fairieluv04's picture

My favorite thing

Free Patterns, of course! :) I also like seeing the new things that come out and the new colors and variegations!

nellsknitting's picture


I've been following the website for a while now, but only joined the site today. I really enjoy all of the patterns posted on the site. There is such a great variety of projects to try out! I love the Red Heart brand and have used the yarn in different projects over the past year or so since I started knitting. In fact, I think Red Heart may have been the first brand of yarn I ever purchased. I also like that there is a blog on here. And of course, who doesn't love give-aways?!

tduis's picture

favorite things

I love the easy access to all things, yarns, patterns, comments, and reviews!

mamabytes's picture

Red Heart WEB Site

I know when I want to knit something new I can always go to your site and find many creative ideas. It is also a very easy site to navigate. Thank you for the work you put into it.

raddola's picture

This is a great giveaway and I love Red Heart

I love Red Heart, your yarn is great. You always have great project ideas.

ravengrace's picture

Happy Birthday Red Heart!

My favorite things about are the ease of ordering online exactly what I need and the pattern selection! I have made so many of the free patterns that are available and my friends and family LOVE my creations. Thank you Red Heart! Happy Birthday!

JuJuFruit1983's picture

I <3 Red Heart

I love the free patterns and ease of researching all the different types of yarn Red Heart offers! I've made so many things with Red Heart, so finding the nearest store is also a great feature!

marfeder's picture

Forever ago

I have been crating with Red Heart yarns since Girl Scouts so many, many years ago - nice to have a yarn that's still around!!!

allura1967's picture

What I like about Red Heart

It's easy for me to find all my crochet supplies in one place. I don't have to wait in a long line and loose time on my projects at hand. The prices are very reasonable and there aremore colors to choose from than any other places. I love the multicolor yarn on the official website. I can rarely find them in stores. I guess when it comes downto it: Red Heart has the greatest variety.

di37bingo's picture

I LOVE this website!! It is a bottomless source of great patterns as well as a place to find the specialty yarns that the local stores do not carry. I also love it as a resource for charity projects which I've made extensive use of both personally as well as for our ladies church group. I visit almost daily.

blangalip's picture

What I like most about this

What I like most about this site are the free patterns that I can get further my shopping for new colors of Red Heart yarns.

beccas4420's picture

My favorite things about

My favorite things about is that its easy to navigate their website and they always have really great project ideas and patterns! I always love their giveaways, they have some awesome sweepstakes :)

amberlee16's picture

what I love

I love that there are tips, helpful hints, free patterns and so much more here! I can find stitches, yarn information, and so much more all in one quick spot! Thank you Red Heart!

mcscovern's picture

Fav Red Heart Things

My favorite thing about Red Heart is the memories it brings. Until I was well into my adult years, I wasn't aware there was anything BUT Red Heart Super Saver. Since I can remember, my mother crocheted with Red Heart yarn, so that's all I ever knew to purchase. All of my blankets, scarves, bags, towel toppers, potholders and other accessories are made with Red Heart because I know that it can stand the test of time and be just as beautiful after the 100,000th washing as it was when it was made. I always recommend Red Heart to my customers when the ask for custom projects because I know that if I use Red Heart, the time, effort and love I put into their item will be preserved.

paceley's picture

Love Red Heart Yarn

I make approximately 110 baby blankets a year for the local maternity ward at the hospital to be given to new babies in need of a warm blanket. I will only use Red heart yarn. I actually just threw away my first afghan that I made in 1976, it was beyond repair, The poor afghan had been hung over the swingset as a tent, used as a dog bed, a picnic blanket plus on a bed nightly. Thank you for making such a great long lasting yarn.

vickid69's picture

Why I like RedHeart yarns & accessories

I taught myself to knit using one of your books. I'm glad to find patterns on line, I still need instructions.

angela1970's picture

Why I like

I like receiving the emails from I like that I am able to order outdated yarn online. Getting free patterns are great. I favorite thing about is that I can learn new stitches online. I learned to crochet when I was 11 (about 30 years ago) and I have been crocheting ever since, but I've only been able to crochet one pattern. I now make baby blankets & hats for friends/family that have babies.

Thank you

teri_weiss's picture

Birthday Celebration

There are so many things I really like about Red Heart and two of them are:

The yarn is exceptional!

I love the FREE patterns on the web site!!! I have made several of them and will continue to make more as new ones come along.

Thank you for all you do!

leona smallwood's picture


I was 9yrs old when my grandmother taught me to crochet and the yarn your one and only RED......I made a heart with it...I still can see the RED HEART lable on it...Im now 58 and still using that RED HEART yarn love it.......keep crocheting ..........L

lynda ronan's picture

Red Heart Birthday

They have the most wonderful, sofe, colored Yarn you could amaging. They have every thing a person could want when it come to Knitting an Crocheting a Pattern. If you need something for a progect. look no farther than you web than Red Heart Yarn.

patreeka's picture

I love this site! All my favorite yarn at my fingertips, lots of free patterns, and always good tips for knit or crochet. And everything sent right to my door! Thank you for this wonderful site.

100Creations's picture

Free Patterns

I love the free patterns on the website. Keep them coming

shoathree's picture

Holiday Stocking with Mitten

I loved this pattern. It was so easy and fast to make. I made three of them. The second one I changed the pattern around and the third one I added my own pattern to it.

yarnhoardinmama's picture

I love Red Heart!

I love the prices, the availability, and the variety of yarns offered.

robinns's picture

Birthday Celebration - Favorite Things about Red Heart!

What ISN'T my favorite thing about Red Heart? I LOVE everything about the yarns, the colors, the varieties! And they have so many patterns that are fun! I ALWAYS use Red Heart for all my needlework projects!

delisi's picture

My Favorites

My favorite thing about is the free patterns. I enjoy browsing through them, looking for my next great project!

oliversoliver's picture

I love the variety of colours

I love the variety of colours and the shades within each colour

jetmom's picture

I love all the free patterns!

I love all the free patterns!

LisaMiqueli's picture

What I like about Red Heart

I love the free patterns, availability of red heart yarn and the colors available! I love that I can get a wide variety in Walmart since that is the only store nearby that I can get yarn at all. I live in a small town.'s picture

Saving patterns on the Red Heart Website

I like being able to save my favorite Red Heart patterns on the website! It makes it super easy to find when I return to the site. It is a fabulous site overall to browse through! Love it!

annap51's picture

My favorite things about Red Heart

I use Red Heart yarns almost exclusively for my crochet projects. I love the many colors and that it is available in so many places. I especially like that many of the colors do not have a dye lot.

Thanks for being there for me, Red Heart!

hughes5955's picture


I've always used Red Heart yarns and patterns. They're always easy to find in my area, the patterns are easy to follow, and I always find new and interesting things/projects to knit!!

Lynnski's picture

My Favorite Things about Red

I love the patterns and the fact that I can purchase my yarn here if I can't find it at the store. Actually just coming here is easier than the store.

icraft40219's picture

red heart yarn

i love red heart yarn with all the colors to choose from!!!

sjanova's picture


I really like making toys from RH Super Saver because of the bright colors and durability -- they can be washed/dried many times without losing any of the color.

wyndrose101's picture

I like because

There are a lot of reasons to like but the best reason I think are the free patterns. Each pattern has a beautiful full color picture of the item. And you can enlarge the picture to be sure that's the design you want.

What i love about

I simply love the many choices of yarns and colors that is offered with each yarn. Also the little leaflets in the stores that give ideas