Retro Red Heart Patterns

Retro Red Heart Patterns

If you’ve been crocheting or knitting for awhile, you’ve probably come across vintage patterns from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Perhaps you have a box hiding in the back of your yarn closet (like me) of old patterns that have been given to you by someone whose mother has passed away. Or you’ve purchased old patterns for their old-time charm at an antique shop. These patterns connect us to the knitters and crocheters of the past and give us a sense of the wonderful tradition that we enjoy.


When we started to plan our Red Heart 75th Anniversary celebration, I spent time looking through our archives of old pattern booklets and was enthralled by how amazing so many of them were. Our Red Heart archives go back to the 1930s. We thought it would be fun to re-make some of the designs and share them with you. That was the start of our Retro Red Heart pattern line. But since so many of them use yarns that are no longer available, we have asked designers to update them with the sizing and yarn standards that we use today.


Below are the first two (my favorites) we are happy to share with you….Enjoy!



   Grandstand Cardi      Granny Motif Vest









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granny retro vest and matching purse

well I wanted to show everyone the pictures but I guess I am not allowed to upload..any way my vest and purse is in shocking pink , mint green ,white and a multi..I wore the outfit to the movies one afternoon and it felt good..

Vintage Crochet

I would love to see the granny square Poncho / skirt and hat patterns come back . My mother use to make the vest and hat's for us girls when we were growing up and another favorit was the granny square poncho . They were great and warm . She still has your pattern book's for these but will not shair them or bring them out to be coppied . Does any one know where I might find them . She had been useing your yarn for almost 65 years .She is 85 years old now the patterns came out I beleave in the early 70's around 1972 - 1975 not sure of the exact year.'s picture

Christmas Stockings

I am looking for patterns out of the 1995 book called The Night Before Christmas by RedHeart.

I am also looking for a hat pattern...not sure if it was RedHeart...from the 1970's. It was a brimmed single crochet.

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Re.Old Pattern

@Pittyom. Jajaja!!!Thanks for caring, too soon.
At 'Compartiendo'(a crochet community on Facebook)the very first photo posted in their album is a turtle...
Could be your next turtle.

old pattern...

I used to do a giant turtle for my kids from red heart to sit on in fivecornered was in a patternbook of the 80's back then, but when I left the states I could not take it with me...neither turtle nor pattern.
>Wished I would have it again. Does anyone have this pattern for me??? it war a really giant turtle like a big floor pillow! I would be soooo glad!!!
@ luisa I'd take them!!! **+grin***

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Retro Patterns

I have 'old' Red Heart booklets;but not from so far back.
"Small Pleasures",Book#272 is the one that I used -27 years ago- to make my daughter's blanket;booties and sacque(featured on the front cover).
I always wonder what's going to happen to all my crochet booklet when I' gone?... Lol!

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Granny Motif Vest

Love this Retro pattern. I too made several of these back in the sixties, early seventies (oh my, really aging myself, oh well). I think I will have another go at this pattern!