Yarn of the Month Giveaway Winners

Yarn of the Month Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to all of our Yarn of the Month winners! Below are a list of the names of the monthly winners. Red Heart wants to thank everyone for the wonderful comments, and remember to check back often for announcements about other opportunities to win big!

January / Shimmer
Brittany Elbert - Eagle Point, OR - USA

February / With Love

Kathy Gates - New Enterprise, PA - USA

March / Magical

Pam Satchwill - Aurora, IN - USA

April / Soft Baby Steps

Sharon Alexander - Edmond, Oklahoma -- USA

May / Stardust

Kirra Bennett - Sydney, Australia

June / Ribbons

Maureen Gilchrist - Coal City, IL

July / Holiday

Juanita Noble - Saint Joseph, MO

August / Team Spirit

Diana Lowe-Disalvo - Nottingham, MD

September / Soft

Sandra Karlin - Manitowoc, Wisconsin


October / Celebration

Sue Ledford - Rush Springs, OK

November / Chic


 Jodi Mayes - Van Wert, OH




sazm1219's picture

Winning yarn

Red Heart yarn is quality and value wrapped up in a perfect package. Winning a months supply would be like winning the lottery. I crochet and knit all the time and its so relaxing after a stressful day at work. Thank you Red Heart

Krynne's picture

Winning Yarn...

I'd really love to win the yarn for a year as my entire stash was recently destroyed by thieves during a break-in. They wrecked everything and even ruined our food!

Red Heart yarn is one of the few yarns I can actually buy here without costing me an arm & a leg, but there is very few places that carries anything other than Sport or Chunky. I'd love to get the Soft yarns!

noodles001's picture


Congratulations to the winner...I wish I could find this yarn in the store....all I have here is WalMart and Hobby Lobby...they don't offer the soft or with love

giftheart's picture

RedHeart is The Best

Yarn for a month would be like turning a child lose in a candy store. I have 2 big totes full of yarn, but I would love it if it were all red heart.

katkell2645's picture


congratulations to the past winners

I would love to win

Redheart is the best yarn around and I would love to try this new

yarn. I will keep checking my email. I can hope, lol

epatha's picture

Congrats !!

I would LOVE to be the next winner !!
Keeping my fingers crossed !!

Deanne's picture

Congratulations To The Winners!

Winning the free yarn would help me in my crochet and knit projects. I love the patterns that I get from Red Heart. I always use Red Heart yarn. Thanks Red Heart.

cntryblossom7's picture

Congrats winners!

Congrats winners!

teapot001's picture

congrats to the winners!

congrats to the winners!

katkell2645's picture

yarn contest

I really hope I win, I really need the yarn. I just used up all the yarn I had, and because I only get money once a month, it takes awhile to save to get the yarn. I love Red Heart yarn.I was taught how to knit and crochet so many years ago, and Red Heart was the yarn then and its the yarn I use today. You can always fine the color you need with Red Heart.

pattyspin's picture

Great Yarn

I love the redheart yarn. I croched baby items for Project Linus and Homefront. I can always use extra yarn.

roseperry's picture


my mother -law and I love to sit and crochet together. red heart yarn is the yarn we use all the time. it is the best yarn there is.

Hemingway69's picture

All Red Heart Yarns

I always enjoy using the red heart yarns for many projects. I make the Scarfs for The Special Olimpics I made over 20 this past year.
I also make hat's for the head start children in this valley.
I also like to make the hat's that I take to the homeless at Saint Vincent Depaul. So you can see I enjoy working with your yarn all the time.
Also made 2 compleste baby out fits and blankets for my niece's this past year so I do use it a lot.

Carolann65's picture

Baby Blankets

I love to make baby blankets for the new babies in my neightbor hood. They wash and dry beautifully with Red Heart Yarn.2

BerlyBrill's picture

Congratulations, Brittany!!

Congratulations, Brittany!!

homerandma's picture

winning free yarn would be a

winning free yarn would be a great help i make lap blankets for wheelchair persons and i have a could younger girls helping

pwoods's picture

Super Saver and Red Heart

I just wanted to say how much I love to use Red Heart yarn in all of my projects. Yes ALL. If a pattern calls for some other brand I will use Red Heart. I love how it maintaines its shape and comes out of the wash. I really love the Super Savers as there are less end to deal with. Love it!