Crochet Animals Big & Small

Crochet a menagerie that will spark the imagination! Kids of all ages will love playing with these colorful critters. Even adults will enjoy having smaller stuffed friends. Note the animal sizes before you begin. Choose from four huggable dinosaurs that were inspired by actual reptiles that roamed the Earth during prehistoric times. With the exception of the Cosmo Dino, these are the mainly “big’ animals. Crochet a puppy and a lion. Each one has its own irresistible personality. For a quicker project, create smaller-sized amigurumi animals. We’ve included a monkey, blue bird, elephant, and frog.
Red Heart
Nancy Anderson, Katherine Eng, Sue Penrod, Debbie Tabor,

Featured Project Images

Little Baby Monkey
Little Polka-Dot Elephant
Little Hoppy Frog
Little Blue Birdie
Buffy Bear
Playful Pooch
Peaceful Lion
Cosmo Dino
Bedtime Dino
Lovable Stegosaurus
Tame Triceratops

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