More Than Socks!

Many sock knitters and crocheters have been enjoying the smooth, colorful self-striping and patterning effects of Red Heart® “Heart & Sole®” yarn. But for those of you who also enjoy creating other kinds of projects, this book is for you! We've included hats, scarves, wristers and even mittens with flip tops for when fingers are needed.
Red Heart
Michele Wilcox, Heather Lodinsky, Sandy Harris, Lorna Miser, Kimberly K. McAlindin, Linda Cyr, Julie Farmer, Cynthia Yanok, Grace Alexander, Doris Chan,

Featured Project Images

Special Friend Knit Teddy
Ruffled Crochet Girl's Hat & Scarf
Wavy Knit Skull Cap
Luxury Lacy Knit Socks
Side-to-Side Knit Vest
Make It Lacy Crochet Scarf
Star Wonder Crochet Vest
Cozy Colorful Crochet Wristers
Knit Mittens With Flip Tops
Colorful Waves Knit Scarf
Easy Comfy Crochet Cowl
Ribbed Cuff Knit Wristers
Knit Socks For Men

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