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Explore the Christmas Wreath Throw
Explore the Christmas Wreath Throw
Explore the Crochet Holiday Striped Throw
Join Mikey in making the Holiday Striped Throw.
Explore the Peppermint Throw
Tips on crocheting the Peppermint Throw
Tips on the Cable Edge Scarf
Tips and pictures to help with the free knitting pattern Cable Edge Scarf.
Convert a Rectangular Shawl into a Shrug by Guest Blogger Joan Barnett
Convert a rectangular shawl into a shrug for your office or at home
Spring Cleaning Your Stash
Is your stash taking over your home? Mine sure seems to grow whenever I turn my back! This spring cleaning season my goal is to keep things organized. I have a vintage curio cabinet I like keeping my prettiest yarn in, I love being able to see everything through the glass doors. Other craft supplies fit easily in the drawer and lower cabinet sections.
Help for the Holiday Cables Throw By Bonnie Barker Guest Blogger/Designer
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Yarn in the Car
It’s time for holiday travels! If you’re lucky enough to be traveling somewhere, and have another pilot, then there’s plenty of yarn time in your future! I’ve pulled together a list of all the things I travel with in the car when going on a longer holiday trip.
After the Thanksgiving meal - the “411” on stains - from the Yarn Guy.
That being said, the leftovers I want to focus on are those that will travel home with you on your favorite knit or crochet keepsake. Dare I say it, “stains!??”
Creative Colors in Yarn
Sometimes, a pattern is perfect, but the colors the designer used clash with your style. Don’t worry, you can still make that throw or sweater, just change the yarn colors! It’s easy to mix and match colors to suit your home or wardrobe once you have a little bit of color theory in your arsenal of crafty tools!
Creating a "MyRedHeart" account
Want to create a MyRedHeart account, so you can store all your favorite patterns, yarns and more in your own notebook to come back to again and again?