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Cool D├ęcor Frame and Lamp
RED HEART® Boutique™ “Doodle™”: 1718 Hot Pink.Materials: Hot glue gun, 5” X 7” frame, small lamp of choice, decorative button and optional sewing needle and thread.NOTES: When cut, Doodle™ tends to ravel. To prevent excessive shedding, take a sewing needle and thread and make a couple small stitches and knot to secure the end that was cut.Please use adult supervision while operating a hot glue gun.
Pattern Number: LW2545
Tags: boutique, bulky, bulletin boards, cool, craft, crafty, decor, doodle, frame, free pattern, girl, glue gun, lamp, pizzazz, room, room accessories, super bulky, unique
Skill Level: Beginner
Project Type: Baby / Child, Home Dec, Toy / Kid
Peaceful Dreams Pillow
RedHeart® “Boutique Doodle™: 1 ball 1114 Cream.Materials45”x 16” body pillow and pillow casefabric gluemeasuring tapestraight pinsfabric chalk or erasable penscraps of cardboard
Pattern Number: LW2544
Tags: boutique, crafts, design team, doodle, dreams, fun, peaceful, pillow, pillow case, Red Heart
Skill Level: Fun Crafts
Project Type: Home Dec