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Wedding Inspiration for You!
Know some getting married soon? Make them a special gift for their big day.
Let's Hear It For the Team!
Fourteen free sports patterns for knitting and crochet
My Resolution- Craft Management
My job on the Red Heart staff is all about getting hundreds of designs produced each year that we share with you on our website. Sometimes I am amazed at how many designs we actually get through our system. In 2012 we had over 400 designs added to the site (bringing our total to over 1,800).
Have a Red Heart Holiday Pattern eBook
Have a Red Heart Holiday Pattern eBook with 20 Knit & Crochet Gifts and Decorating Ideas all made with yarn.
Dozen Spooktacular Halloween Free Patterns
Halloween is just around the corner and we have got you covered with lots of festive free patterns from children, adult and pet costumes, accessories and decorations! You are sure to get inspired.
Sassy Sashay
When someone first showed me how to knit with Sashay, I was pretty amazed. It’s not like any yarn I had ever used. It’s actually not really a “yarn”, it’s more like a frilly ruffle that you knit into a track along the top. One of the first things I learned was the correct size needle to use. I thought that I would have to use a large needle, but it turns out that a size 9 (5.5mm) needle is perfect.