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Donna’s Dozen: Mother’s Day Gifts
Need a Mother's Day gift idea? Donna provides you with a dozen!
Throwback Thursday's Striped Mini Skirt
#tbt - Throwback Thursday featuring the Striped Mini Skirt
Donna’s Dozen: Hopping Spring and Easter Patterns
Donna shares a dozen spring and Easter free patterns.
Donna's Dozen: Lucky You
A dozen St. Patrick's Day patterns for Lucky You!
Winter Blast Hat
Donna Stinson makes her daughter the Winter Hat Blast.
Donna's Dozen: Hoots by the Dozen
Introducing Donna's Dozen. Hoots by the Dozen
Watching the Winter Olympics?
Crochet and knit while you watch the Winter Olympics!
Yarn Takes Mikey of Crochet Crowd by Surprise!
Mikey from the Crochet Crowd. My team at Red Heart suggested I try the Soft Baby Steps for a couple projects. I had seen this online but never in person. Judging by the name, I thought it was sock yarn based and thought I was gearing up to do baby booties. I decided to get it and boy, was I ever wrong. It's not sock yarn at all, it's incredible baby yarn.
Cro-Shayley makes Reflective Blissful Ear Warmers
Cro-Shayley makes ear warmers for her family using New Reflective Yarn!
We "Heart" Free Valentine's Patterns
18 free knit and crochet Valentine's Day patterns
Crochet or Knit Cable Sweaters & Leg Warmers
Crochet or knit this cable sweater and leg warmer set for a fashionable little girl you know.
Throwback Thursday's Chevron Cape
#tbt - Throwback Thursday featuring the Chevron Cape
Decorate Your Space!
Here's a dozen free knit and crochet patterns to change your home's appearance!
Make a Boutique Swerve Scarf in a Jiffy!
If you're like most people you enjoy making things for your friends and family but wait until the last minute. Red Heart Boutique Swerve can solve your problem in a jiffy! It is available in a multitude of colors. All you need are 2 skeins of SWERVE and believe it or not, just your hands. This scarf is so easy you don't even need a crochet hook!
Make your own mask for the Masquerade Ball
Are you attending a Christmas or New Years Eve Masquerade Ball?
A Baker's Dozen of Last Minute Gifts
Who's on your nice list this year?
24 Halloween Costume and Accessories Knit and Crochet Free Patterns
24 Halloween Costume and Accessories Knit and Crochet Free Patterns from Red Heart yarns
Just "Throwing" Out Some New Options
Knit and crochet afghan/throw patterns