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Baseball season is starting! Will you attend a Stitch and Pitch?
Stitch and Pitch programs combine knitting and crochet and baseball games.
Beans for Brains Scholarship
Red Heart is a sponsor for the Jimmy Beans Wool Beans for Brains Scholarship.
Boston Marathon Scarf Project
Join the Boston Marathon Scarf Project.
Caps for Good
We often make baby hats as shower gifts for our friends and family. These hat keep babies warm, but aren’t essentials to their life and safety. When I read about Save the Children’s outreach, I was moved to tell you more about it. Think of making something tiny such as baby hat and saving a life. It sounds so simple.
Crochet Rubik’s Cube Project by Marcy Kraft
Marcy Kraft,full-time mom and avid yarn bomber, tells us about her crochet projects, in particular her newest, the Rubik's Cube.
Each One Teach Two by Mary Colucci
The number of people that crocheters and knitters have taught over the past two years has increased 25%. Can we count on you to share your love of knit and crochet?
Granny Squared - YBLA at the Craft and Folk Museum
Prepare for an invasion, an invasion of over 14,000 granny squares!!! When members of Yarn Bombing Los Angeles (YBLA) were across the street looking at the Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) they got the clever idea of covering an entire museum in yarn. The CAFAM structure resembles a cute country cottage and YBLA thought it would be fun to make it appear more doll-like by covering the entire front with granny squares.
I Love Yarn Day
What will you do on October 14th? This is the day for first annual I Love Yarn Day and you could do anything that involves yarn. Celebrate in big and little ways with all your friends. For example, our crochet designers, the Double Stitch Twins have created two patterns for I Love Yarn Day, and are going to put out the word to put a group together for a Crocheting in Public event (call it CIP). There will be special events in stores.
I Love Yarn Day is October 12, 2012
If you love yarn then we have the perfect day planned for you! This is second annual I Love Yarn Dayand to particiapte all you need is your yarn and maybe a couple of friends. You can do anything that involves yarn - knit, crochet, yarn tag, shop for yarn, etc. Celebrate in big and little ways with all your friends.
Introducing a new website from Coats & Clark replaces the website.
Jestena’s Inspiring Hats and Such
Guest blogger Janice becomes a fan of Jestena, an inspirational young woman making a difference in people’s lives.
Join Mikey's Pact: Summer Stitch-cation
Join Mikey from the Crochet Crowd in his Summer Stitch-cation Pact.
Knit the Bridge
“Knit the Bridge,” the largest attempted yarn bombing in the United States.
Knitta (and Crocheta) Please!
If you haven’t seen any of this groups projects in person, you need to check out the Knitta Please website. This group has decked out many everyday items all over the US and even round the world to make them a spectacular work of knitted and crocheted art.
Knitting Behind Bars
Lynn Swerling and her team of volunteers visit a correctional facility and teach inmates how to knit.