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World Wide Knit and Crochet in Public
Knit and crochet in public with friends and share your work, help charities, hospitals, etc.
I Love Yarn Day
What will you do on October 14th? This is the day for first annual I Love Yarn Day and you could do anything that involves yarn. Celebrate in big and little ways with all your friends. For example, our crochet designers, the Double Stitch Twins have created two patterns for I Love Yarn Day, and are going to put out the word to put a group together for a Crocheting in Public event (call it CIP). There will be special events in stores.
World Wide Knit and Crochet in Public
Groups gathering to knit and crochet in public.
Red Heart Travels to Stitches West
The Red Heart team is gearing up to head to Santa Clara, CA for the Stitches West Show. We are bringing the Double Stitch Twins with us and they will be doing Demo's each day on the Show floor @ 12:30pm.
Caps for Good
We often make baby hats as shower gifts for our friends and family. These hat keep babies warm, but aren’t essentials to their life and safety. When I read about Save the Children’s outreach, I was moved to tell you more about it. Think of making something tiny such as baby hat and saving a life. It sounds so simple.
Knitta (and Crocheta) Please!
If you haven’t seen any of this groups projects in person, you need to check out the Knitta Please website. This group has decked out many everyday items all over the US and even round the world to make them a spectacular work of knitted and crocheted art.
I Love Yarn Day is October 12, 2012
If you love yarn then we have the perfect day planned for you! This is second annual I Love Yarn Dayand to particiapte all you need is your yarn and maybe a couple of friends. You can do anything that involves yarn - knit, crochet, yarn tag, shop for yarn, etc. Celebrate in big and little ways with all your friends.
What are you doing for I Love Yarn Day?
Spend the day with friends knitting or crocheting. Teach someone to knit or crochet .. enjoy a yarny day. I love yarn day is October 12, 2012.
Update on Elephants Remember Joplin
Cee Cee knitting to raise money to help storm victims. She is the founder of the Charity Elephants Remember Joplin.
Real Men Do Knit!
Ashbury Hills Retreat, South Carolina ... celebrate passion for knitting and fiber. Men's knitting retreat.
March is National Craft and National Crochet Month
March is national craft and national crochet month
Beans for Brains Scholarship
Red Heart is a sponsor for the Jimmy Beans Wool Beans for Brains Scholarship.