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Creativ Festival Spring Show recap from Guest Blogger: Lori Tarantini
Guest Blogger Lori Tarantini gives us a recap of the Creativ Festival Spring Show.
Fall Knit & Crochet Show, Charlotte, NC
Knit & Crochet show, book signing, demos' classes, learn to knit & crochet and meet some of the industries top designers.
Knit & Crochet Show July 23-27th
Join us at the Knit & Crochet Show in Manchester, NH!
Recap from Stitches East 2012, a guest blog by Tammy Hildebrand
Stitches East 2012 recap. Yarns, great designers and designs, books, and more.
Red Heart gets ready for Stitches West 2013!
We are excited to join you in Santa Clara for the Stitches West Show to share our favorite yarns and show off some of our newest items! If you'll be attending the show, be sure to drop by the Red Heart/Crochetville booth, 514 we’d love to say hello!
Stitches East Update
$2.00 off admission for Stitches East 2011 stop by and register for special show prize package.
Stitches Midwest
Join the yarn fun, learn to knit, crochet, have fun with yarn. Purchase your favorite yarns, meet your favorite designers.
Stitches Midwest 2012 Wrap Up
Thank you to all who came to see Red Heart at Stitches Midwest. Sharing a few pictures of the show.
Yarnosphere Fiber Show in Costa Mesa, CA
What’s YARNOSPHERE you may ask? It’s a show in Costa Mesa, CA that’s meant to unite hundreds of knitting, crocheting and spinning groups together. It seems like only the Midwest, southern and eastern states have their very own fiber show. According to “Chief Knitting Officer”, Caroline Stanley, it was time for Southern California to not get left out in the cold.