Baby Cocoon Crochet Pattern

Welcome baby into our world with the soft, secure feel of this cozy cocoon. Then save the moment with a cute photo.

Kim Kotary
  • Easy
  • Crochet
  • Baby / Child

RED HEART® “Buttercup™”: 4 balls 4277 Light MintMulti.
Crochet Hook: 6.5mm [US K-10.5].
2 Split-lock stitch markers, yarn needle.

Directions are for Newborn to 3 months.
Finished Cocoon Circumference: 24”.
Finished Hat Circumference: 18”.

GAUGE: 9 sts = 4”; 8 rounds = 4” in sc. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size hook to obtain the gauge.

Required Redheart Products


Fab411's picture

Baby Cocoon

I got the Buttercup yarn in the Teddy Bear colorway. This is a really interesting experience. I would not recommend this for a beginner. This yarn is difficult to work with. First of all, you cannot see your stitches, so counting them is impossible. Also, you have to just "feel" where to put the stitches. It does make a nice fluffy warm product. I am plugging along, just crocheting it to the dimensions given.

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Some helpful hints!

Hey there! I've made a couple of these now, and have used 2 different types of yarn. First, you may want to try a larger hook. You can find a size "N" hook that is sold individually, these work fantastic. Also, try using a chunky yarn, sport weight yarn tends to make smaller stitches in general. However, if you're really sold on the feel of the sport weight yarn, you can use 2 strands at a time to make your cocoon. This will help make the stitches larger as well. Finally, don't stress too much if the cocoon looks a little small, they're very stretchy and newborns are so surprisingly small! Good luck!

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what's wrong?

I am trying to make one of these as my first beginning piece. I REALLY want to make it for a friends baby.
I have been looking at as many videos as I can and understand the stitches. However, I cannot find the yarn, so I am using a different weight, etc. It is a "sports weight" (different brand). I have several rows worked, but it is not getting anywhere nearly big enough for a baby. It is about 7" up and 4" across. I can't seem to keep all the stitches loose, they keep tightening up on me. Anyone with help? I am using a rather large crochet hook. (K)

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First and last rule for getting size: Know your GAUGE!

It's a simple math problem really. How many stitches across are you using to get your 4"? How many inches do you want it to be? Multiply the number of stitches you have by the number of inches you want to have and divide that number by the number of inches you have. This should give you your beginning chain more or less. Add one chain for single crochet, two chains for double, three chains for treble, and so on, to your beginning chain and go for it.

A similar process is used for the number of rows. Multiple the number of rows you have by the number of inches you want and divide that number by the number of rows in your sample. No adding for this one.

Keeping your stitches loose just takes practice, but it's all about keeping the yarn FEEDING into the work loose. The trick is to NOT HOLD ONTO the yarn you're using to crochet, to hold on to the crocheted piece while allowing the yarn itself to slip through your fingers at a steady rate.

I know the yarn specified is a bit on the pricey side, but seriously, it is one of the nicest yarns to work with and wear. Any baby will be overjoyed in a snuggie made with this yarn. (I can't keep it in stock in my shed - no I don't own a shop!! But I do teach knit and crochet. Everyone asks for shawls, sweaters, and blankets made from Buttercup!