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Since this neck warmer is only about half as long as a scarf, it will take you about half as long to knit it. But in this beautifully shaded wool blend yarn, it will give you every bit as much warmth as a full sized scarf!

Step  1.

Scarf measures 31" long and 6½" wide.

Required items for this pattern

Step  2.

Configure Product Items

Boutique Treasure Boutique Treasure
Spectrum Spectrum  -  edit color
update $ 6.69 ea. $ 6.69
Silvalume Single Point Knitting Needles 10" Silvalume Single Point Knitting Needles 10"
11110-8 8/5mm
update $ 4.20 ea. $ 4.20
Plastic Yarn Needles Plastic Yarn Needles
update $ 1.45 ea. $ 1.45




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