Hearts Desire Doily

One basic motif that makes it easy to create to your Hearts Desire. Change the overall size by simply changing the weight of thread you choose.

  • Easy
  • Crochet
  • Doilies

Red Heart® Extra Fine, Size 30
Crochet Hook:  12 [1.0mm] 

Red Heart® Fine, Size 20
Crochet Hook: 10 [1.15mm] 

Red Heart® Classic, Size 10
Crochet Hook: 7 [1.5mm] 

Red Heart® Fashion, Size 3
Crochet Hook: E-4 [3.5mm] 7¾”

Red Heart® Extra Fine, Size 30:  3¼”

Red Heart® Fine, Size 20:  4”

Red Heart® Classic, Size 10:  5”

Red Heart® Fashion, Size 3:  7¾”


johmarti's picture

Cute and Easy to Make Valentine Gift

This pattern is SO cute that I make couple to give to my friends as Valentine's gifts. I used thread #3 in pink. All stitched hearts show very nicely.