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Even if you are a beginner, you can knit this fabulous scarf! The yarn is actually four different yarns in one—shiny, brushed, metallic and multicolored—and automatically changes textures as you knit with it.

Step  1.

Scarf measures 6" x 60".

Required items for this pattern

Step  2.

Configure Product Items

Boutique Magical Boutique Magical
Crystal Ball Crystal Ball  -  edit color
update $ 11.39 ea. $ 22.78
Plastic Yarn Needles Plastic Yarn Needles
update $ 1.45 ea. $ 1.45
Silvalume Circular Knitting Needles 29" Silvalume Circular Knitting Needles 29"
11929-10.5 10.5/6.5mm
update $ 7.20 ea. $ 7.20




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