Octopus & Starfish Crochet Pattern

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RED HEART® “Sport”: Octopus – 1 skein each 585 Purple A, 846 Skipper Blue B, and 12 Black C; Starfish – 1 skein each 230 Yellow D, 254 Pumpkin E, and 12 Black C.

Crochet Hook: 4mm [US G-6].
Split-ring stitch markers, tapestry needle, scissors, two 18mm safety eyes per toy (not safe for children under the age of 3; instead, use black embroidery floss), fiberfill stuffing.

Octopus is 6½” tall; Starfish is 5½” across.

GAUGE: 20 sc = 4”; 16 rounds = 4”. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size hook to obtain the gauge.

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Octopus Pattern

In answer to ValShotz...

Row 8 of the base (or the last row) will be stitched to Row 30 of the body. Six stiches into joining base and body, stuff and join as directed in Row 31 of pattern. In stuffed projects right sides of needle work, out, keep your projects visually consistent.

HTH : )

I made the octopus featured

I made the octopus featured here and I thought the pattern was great! I like that there's only a minimal amount of sewing, and the method used to make the tentacles was really neat. I have two questions, though, for anyone else who's made this. First, is the bottom piece supposed to face right-side out or back-side out? I attached it right-side out, assuming if it was supposed to be back-side out, the pattern would have said so. Second, is the bottom supposed to be stuffed, too, or is it loose? It doesn't quite fit with the top piece, and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to stuff it or not because it didn't look stuffed in the image. Just wondering if any of you guys out there who have made this would have any input. I'm kinda new to amigurumi. Thanks, Red Heart, for the fun pattern!