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Pineapples may have a tradition as being the favorite crochet motif, but there is nothing old-fashioned about this breathtaking, modern shawl. Crochet it in a bright color for a spectacular look, or fashion it in white for a bride.

Step  1.

Shawl measures about 64" (162.5 cm) wide by 34" (86.5 cm) long

Required items for this pattern

Step  2.

Configure Product Items

Luster Sheen Luster Sheen
Lime Lime  -  edit color
update $ 4.39 ea. $ 17.56
Silvalume Aluminum Crochet Hook 5-1/2" Silvalume Aluminum Crochet Hook 5-1/2"
12106-K10.5 K10.5/6.5mm
update $ 2.10 ea. $ 2.10
Plastic Yarn Needles Plastic Yarn Needles
update $ 1.45 ea. $ 1.45




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