Smoky Swirls Scarf Knitting Pattern

You’ll love this revolutionary new idea for ribbon yarn that ruffles! If the pattern sounds a bit strange, see our video.

Red Heart Design Team
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  • Knitting
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  • Scarves / Shawls

Red Heart® Boutique™ Sashay™: 1 ball 1936 Waltz.
Knitting Needles: 5.5mm [US9]
Sewing needle and matching sewing thread.

Scarf measures 4” x 62” (6” X 38”).
Directions are for 62” scarf; changes for 38” long scarf are in parentheses.

GAUGE: Gauge is not important for this project.

Required Redheart Products

Sashay Secrets
See video


vkdevries's picture

losing needle

How do you keep from losing the needle? I have graduated up to a 13 to see if i will lose it fewer times. I get several rows in and turn my attention elsewhere and there it goes and you can't recover these puppies.
Beautiful scarf though. I saw one of these at work and had to have one. Wal-mart has some of the Sashay yarn for under 5 bucks but not this color.

Sherig47's picture


The scarfs are so much fun to make that I am addicted I have made several.

s.gayelake's picture


This is a wonderful yarn to use for scarfs. I use 6 stiches and have made 3 different color scarfs, now everyone that sees them
wants one. I wish the yarn was more available.

cpom1027's picture

Boutique Sashay Scarf Less Bulky

Has anyone knit this scarf pattern casting on only 4 stiches?
I am going to try for a less bulky ruffled look. Hoping that the ruffles will lie a bit flatter.

babydog's picture

Knitting with Sashay

I use my knitting wheel to make these instead of needles. Less frustrating and they work up fast!

shardo's picture


Love this look. Need every color for Christmas gifts!