Unicorn Pillow Pal Crochet Pattern

Pillow pals are a unique way for a child to have a stuffed friend that is also a pillow. The fantasy unicorn is perfect for a little girl’s imaginary play. Crochet him in her favorites colors.

Nancy Anderson
  • Easy
  • Crochet
  • Baby / Child
  • Toy / Kid

RED HEART® “Super Saver®”: 2 Skeins 505 Aruba Sea A; 1 Skein each 316 Soft White B and 373 Petal Pink C.

Crochet Hook: 4mm [US G-6] and 5.5mm [US 1-9].
Fiberfill, standard size pillow, two 1” buttons, 1½” diameter or doll safety eyes, hook & loop fastener, black embroidery thread, stitch markers, yarn needle.

Pillow Cover fits standard size pillow, 18” across x 14” front to back.

GAUGE: 16 sc = 4”; 16 rows = 4” using smaller hook. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size hook to obtain the gauge.

Required Redheart Products


margelizard's picture

Great fun

I loved making this little guy (or girl). The instructions were simple to follow and gave great results! Only minor changes I made were as follows:

Used a 16 x 16 pillow (purchased at Wal Mart) as I was unable to find the stated size.

I used a pink yarn instead of the blue, and did the tail, mane and horn in white yarn. This was a gift for a little girl so I figured it might suit her more.

Also did as suggested above and used a large button instead of velcro. It worked really well. I made a buttonhole on the closing strap which seems fairly sturdy. It is definitely a good alternative!

Thanks for the great pattern!

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I just used a standard pillow from bedding. There is an extra inexpensive pillow, I paid 2.50. It was a little too big, but I mashed it around a little and it worked great.

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closing strap

See the directions for the turtle pillow. It shows a pic of the strap!

nevermore's picture

pillow form

Has anyone had problems finding a "standard" pillow form.I know the ending dimensions are 14x18 but all I can find is 12x16. anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks

the closing strap

You can see how it's supposed to work by looking at a pet pillow at Wal-Mart. If you don't want to use the loop and hook fastener (I wouldn't simply because the hook may catch on other fabrics) you can sew on a large button at the end of the closing strap and then crochet a loop on the opposite side of the pillow.

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the closing strap

I'm a novice at reading patterns. Any chance you could show me a pic of the closing strap--I am confused on how it works.

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closing strap

Hi, the closing strap is what turns the pillow into the unicorn. You sew one end on the side between the head and tail part of the pillow and the instructions say to use velcro on the tip of the strap and on the other side of the pillow. This draws up the pillow in the middle to give it an "animal" shape. I prefer to use a button, because the velcro doesn't hold depending on how stuffed the pillow is.