Wrap with Slits Crochet Pattern

Kimberly K. McAlindin
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RED HEART® “SuperSaver™”: 3 skeins 256 Carrot.

Crochet Hook:  6.5mm [US K-10.5].
Yarn needle.

Shawl measures 14” wide x 80” long.

GAUGE: 12 sts = 4”; 8 rows = 4”. CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Use any size hook to obtain the specified gauge.

Required Redheart Products

Crocheted Wrap with Slits
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Learn to Crochet Wrap with Slits
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Cherie H's picture

Warp with Slits

This is an easy pattern, but I agree the instructions were a little confusing and the videos were very helpful. I had the crossed cables right the first time, then decided it was wrong, so mine has "straight" cables, but that looks OK too. I think it would be helpful if the instructions added "left" or "right" when explaining the cables, and point out that you're actually skipping two hdc's each time. I also agree this shawl needs to be worked in a solid color. I, too, started with a variegated yarn, but you lose the effect of the cable stitching. I chose Country Blue, which looks very nice. Thanks for another great pattern.
P.S. I'm average size, about 5' 4", and it seemed to short, so I added 20 rows, or about 8 1/2 inches. Three skeins of Super Saver is still more than enough.

L2crochet232's picture

The FPDC was relatively easy

The FPDC was relatively easy after I figured out how to crochet the cable but had problems assembling the slit section of the shawl. The video definitely helped and now I plan on crocheting this lovely wrap the correct way, although I will use solid color yarn rather than multi-color which I used the first time. The multi-color along with the cable was not visually appealing. Thank you for a great pattern.

britney.wright's picture

Watching the video helped me

Watching the video helped me a LOT. She explains how to do the FPDC's as a "twisted cord" towards the end of the video. Now I think I'll be able to do it :)

crz4art's picture

I've made a couple of this

I've made a couple of this pattern, one in claret and the other in carrot. I had trouble getting the gauge right, still don't have the gauge right, but it doesn't bother me. Today when I was researching how to do a back post double crochet, I realized that I'd been doing the front post double crochet wrong for both wraps! They still look nice and its unlikely that anyone will know the difference. I am glad that I made them. Its been a nice, portable project that I can take to work or wherever without having lug around a big project. I'm trying to decide if I want to make a 3rd one or if I want to try a different project!

suzinoonen's picture


This was a confusing pattern, but I figured it out. (Had I read the comments prior to making this I would have figured row three out a lot sooner!)

My biggest problem was sizing, though. My gauge was correct, had the correct hook size, and worked the pattern as stated, but it was coming out incredibly small compared to the picture. I went to a size N hook and started over. It looked more like the size in the photo, but still not quite right. Not sure what I was doing wrong.

bessie may's picture

Number of hdc at the end of Row 3

Lovely Wrap, and I am determined to make it. However, The instructions for Row 3 do not allow for 14hdc at the end before turning. I have 20 at the end, after completing the * (equals 3 times of the Fpdc pattern). After the "*2 times more, skip next hdc, etc." the Fpdc pattern is repeated one more time. If this is correctly completed as I stated, then you will have more than 14hdc before turning. Please, can someone clarify? Also, a measurement for the Wrap is 14" wide. The picture does not depict a 14" wide wrap. I find no corrections for this pattern, so I will appreciate your help in clarifying.
Thanks You!

Yarn_Bender's picture

Number of hdc at end of row 3

It is a little confusing trying to figure out how to work the double crosses. You should have two unworked stitches behind each double cross with 4 double crosses in the row. That will leave you 14 hdc to complete the end of the row. I hope this helps!

betlou4262's picture


When I saw this shawl I was very happy. I am a bit confused about row 3.
I understand fpdc but after doing the first one I am confused what to do next. Help please.. Thanks for you time Betty

kakaffel's picture

Help with FPDC Stitch

Not really sure how to do this stitch, do know that your using the front post of the stitch. Are you suppose to use the back of the stitch in the next row? Can someone tell me exactly how to do this stitch. Thanks!

Ann Blalock's picture

Front post double crochets

This stitch is worked around the post of the stitch, rather than through the top as you would normally do. You insert the hook into the work through the "hole" to the right of the stitch from the front of the work, swing it around the back of the post, and bring the hook back to the front of the work through the "hole" to the left of the stitch. Yarn over, then complete the stitch as you would any double crochet. You won't work into the stitch whose post you used again--this takes the place of a "regular" dc in the pattern.

4Peace67's picture

WR1811 Wrap w/slits

Thank you for this beautiful pattern. I am a beginner crocheter, and I just got so excited when I saw this shawl pattern. The pattern stated that it was easy., so I attemptd to do it. I am satisfied with my end results, but I have to say that I found the FPDC to be confusing, so I skipped it. Sadly to say that detail is the impressive feature of the garment.I plan to make another, and also plan to struggle with the FPDC. If you have a clearer description of this feature I would appreciate it. Thank You