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How to Crochet Stitch Variations

Most crochet stitch patterns, no matter how complex they seem, are made using combinations of basic stitches. Different effects can be created by small variations in the stitch making procedure or by varying the position and manner of inserting the hook into the fabric.

Note: Many patterns refer to certain groups of stitches in the instructions, but be careful -- "bobble", "cluster", "shell", etc., may not mean the same thing from pattern to pattern. Always read the instructions to see what the designer means by a term!

How to Crochet Shells

How to Crochet Clusters

How to Crochet Bobbles

How to Crochet Popcorns

How to Crochet Puff Stitches

Below: LW2426 Graceful Shell Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

How to Crochet Stitch Variations