Learn How To Crochet

Here's just the help you need when trying to decipher crochet diagrams and written instructions, as well as detailed instructions for constructing stitches. Many of these topics have links to other relevant topics, too—so be sure to explore! Also check out our crochet learn how book "Crochet Made Easy"  and our crochet made easy kit "Crochet Made Easy Learning Kit".

  1. Holding the Hook and Yarn
  2. Foundation Chain
  3. Slip Stitch
  4. Single Crochet
  5. Half Double Crochet
  6. Double Crochet
  7. Triple Crochet
  8. Longer Basic Stitches
  9. Making Crochet Fabric
  10. Turning Chains
  11. Working in Front or Back Loops
  12. Crochet Increases
  13. Crochet Decreases
  14. Fasten Off
  15. Joining in New Yarn
  16. Stitch Variations
  17. Post Stitches
  18. Working in Rounds
  19. Crochet Diagrams
  20. Finishing
  21. Reading a Crochet Pattern
  22. Crochet Abbreviations