Learn How To Knit

If you've never knit before, practice these techniques from cast on to bind off to learn the basic knitting skills you need for projects you'll find on this site. Also check out our knitting learn how book "Knitting Made Easy"  and our knitting made easy kit "Knitting Made Easy Learning Kit".


  1. Slip Knot
  2. Cast On
  3. Knit Stitch
  4. Purl Stitch
  5. Stockinette Stitch
  6. Ribbing
  7. Slip Stitch
  8. Knit Increases
  9. Knit Decreases
  10. Bind Off
  11. Cables
  12. Joining New Yarn
  13. Using Stitch Markers
  14. Knitting with 4 Needles
  15. Dropped Stitches
  16. Finishing
  17. Assembly
  18. Working from a Pattern