Kate's Shawl

Kate's Shawl

Who doesn’t love spotting celebrities in knit and crocheted items; Kate's Shawl Knitting Pattnerwhat great inspiration!  Everyone on the Red Heart team was thrilled to see Kate Middleton sporting that cute knit shawl while grocery shopping. Inspired, we designed a similar pattern to share with you!  Make your own Kate's Shawl with our free pattern.

We made it out of Soft yarn, and matched Kate’s green with Dark Leaf. I really like the textured body and the pretty ruffled edging. With the steady increases building the body, this will be an enjoyable and interesting project. I think I might knit mine out of Washable Ewe. I really like working with wool and love that I can put this yarn in the washing machine if it gets tired looking.  Either way, using a medium weight yarn means that this shawl will take a lot less time to make than Kate’s did- which means you can enjoy it even faster!



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Need Crocheted Version!

Yes! We need a crocheted version- and by the way, AmandaLeigh, that is the cutest cat picture I've seen in a while! I'm still trying to get my kitty's photo on my profile right! Cheers, everyone- Crocheters Rule!

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I am also a crochet-er and

I am also a crochet-er and would love to see a pattern similar to this for crochet!



Crochet version, PLEASE!!!

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Does anyone know how to set a picture to your profile? I am having a hard time doing that.

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I love this shawl!

I agree, I only crochet, but I really love this shawl and wish it was a crochet pattern.

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Kate's Shawl

I only crochet and wish this pattern was available for me.

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Crocheted Version

Here is a very similar crocheted version on DROPS:


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There may not be a crocheted

There may not be a crocheted version of Kate's shawl--but there are loads of other free patterns for wraps and shawls in our Free Pattern section. You can easily search for type of pattern and even type of yarn! And you can choose whether to see patterns for crochet only or knit only.