Red Heart Catalog 2012-2013

Welcome Home to Red Heart, Americaʹs favorite yarn. We have been a part of your family for generations, and we'll be there for you for many years to come. Enjoy our 2012-13 collection.

A couple tips on using the catalog viewer:

  1. Click on "click to read" to view in larger screen.
  2. Click on photos for product information and free patterns. When in "full screen mode", the link opens up in a new window behind the window of the catalog.
  3. If you are unable to view the book on an Apple device due to not having Adobe Flash, you may download the PDF version here.

Red Heart and You. Two Hearts One Passion.


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Like someone else mentioned on here....I didn't know that you had so many yarns until I saw this. I didn't realize you had the soft yarn and had been buying Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn. Will buy Red Heart's now!!! I had only bought yours previously. I hope you add a red and white to your Team Spirit yarn because that is my kids' school's colors and I could do so much with that for my kids and as presents to teachers, etc. Thanks!

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Yarn Subsitution

Just an FYI, With Love is the closest to I Love This Yarn and Red Heart Soft is closer to Caron Simply Soft if you plan to subsitute. I love all Red Heart yarns and LOVE this catalog!

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Yarn Sbus.

Thank you so much for this info. Really appreciate it.

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Great Catalog, Great Yarns...

I really like the catalog and I would have never known about any of the lovely novelty or wool blend yarns if I hadn't looked at the catalog. I wish I could find where I can sign up to get a catalog mailed to me. My only complaint would be about the ratio of featured crochet patterns versus knit patterns. I do keep meaning to learn to crochet but I'm not ready yet. lol
I'll keep checking back with my new favorite yarns to see if any cute knit patterns have been made for them yet.

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What a great catalog! I

What a great catalog! I loved seeing all of the colors of Shimmer because I haven't been able to find all of these in stores. One question, where's Stitch Nation? I was hoping to see all of the new Washable Ewe line!

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Very excited!

I met a lady at a craft store who invited me to your website. LOVE the catalog! And have printed out patterns to try! Thank you! Just wish I could get the link to subscribe to the newsletter to work. Hint, hint. :-)

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just love it makes it much easier to match colors and find just the right redheart yarn,plus all the other features and patterns ideas are endless, could not have done a better job keep up the wonderful work :)