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Red Heart Supports the Red Cross & so can you!

Show your support for the Red Cross with these Free Patterns


Red Heart Cares Blanket Donation Guide:

  1. Please contact your local Red Cross to ensure they will be able to accept the blanket donation before dropping off. Visit the Red Cross website to find your local Red Cross. If you live in Canada, please visit to find your local Red Cross.
  2. Blankets need to be cleaned/sanitized and sealed in air-tight plastic bag.
  3. Blankets need to measure 60x72 inches as per the pattern.
  4. Donations under $250 are not considered tax deductible, so the Red Cross will not provide acknowledgement on gifts under this amount.

If you would like to donate to the Canadian Red Cross through the Red Heart donation page, please visit:

As part of #StitchAHug, Red Heart Yarns, will donate $250,000 to support the American Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross, and the Mexican Red Cross.