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Stripe it Easy Pullover
RED HEART® Soft Baby Steps®: 1 ball each of 9630 Lime A, 9590 Lavender B, and 9536 Light Grape C.Susan Bates® Knitting Needles: 5mm [8 US].Yarn needle, stitch marker, 2 stitch holders.
Pattern Number: LW3236
Tags: child, Easy, knit, pullover, shirt, soft baby steps, Stripe, sweater
Skill Level: Easy
Project Type: Toy / Kid
Little Lamb Hangers
RED HEART® Soft Baby Steps: 1 skein each 9600 White A, 9800 Baby Blue (for boy) or 9700 Baby Pink (for girl) B.Crochet Hook: 4mm [US G-6] and 5.5mm [US I-9].Small child’s hanger, yarn needle, fiberfill, 2–7/16” buttonsLa Mode® 2064, ¼” ribbon, glue gun and glue stick.
Pattern Number: LW3014
Tags: Baby, carlotta craig, child, closet, crochet, hanger, lamb, soft baby steps
Skill Level: Intermediate
Project Type: Baby / Child
Hexagon Baby Blanket
RED HEART® Soft Baby Steps™: 4 skeins 9505 Aqua C; 1 skein each 9600 White A and 9200 Baby Yellow B.Crochet Hook: 6.0mm [US J-10].Yarn needleStitch markers
Pattern Number: LW3015
Tags: anne regis, Baby, blanket, child, crochet, hexagon, soft baby steps
Skill Level: Easy
Project Type: Baby / Child
Playtime Hoodie
RED HEART Soft Baby Steps: 2 (3, 3, 3) balls 9800 Baby Blue.Knitting Needles: 4.5mm (US 7), 5mm (US 8)Circular Needle: 4.5mm (US 7), 5mm (US 8), 24"Stitch holders, Yarn needle, Pompom maker.
Pattern Number: LW2232, WR2140
Tags: Baby, child, free pattern, hood, hooded, hoodie, Jean Guirguis, knit, knitted, knitting, playtime, soft baby steps
Skill Level: Easy
Project Type: Baby / Child