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15 Ways to Celebrate I Love Yarn Day

October 13 is I Love Yarn Day, a holiday set in motion by the Craft Yarn Council, to celebrate all the things we love about yarn. We have come up with 15 ways to celebrate I Love Yarn Day (ILYD)this year.

1. Teach a friend how to crochet or knit.

We know that many of you can't help but sharing your craft with friends and we love that! Whether they have no experience at all or are just looking for a friendly helper we love the idea of friends getting together to learn and create. If it is your first time teaching, take some tips from our learn-to-knit and learn-to crochet articles.

2. Get crafty with yarn

There are so many fun ways to craft with yarn! From nail art to to basic kids crafts and even finger knitting there are lots of ways to use yarn without knitting or crocheting. Grab some of your scrap yarn and get your creative juices flowing with any of these free craft patterns.

Knotted Plant Hangers
Knotted Plant Hangers free craft pattern LW6347
Yarn-Wrapped Wire Words
Yarn-Wrapped Wire Words free craft pattern LM6171

3. Participate in a Make-a-Long

From events like Marly Bird's Mystery Game Day Make-a-long to a more traditional crochet-a-long or knit-a-long there are loads of events to join where you can have fun collaborating and creating with your friends!

4. Take your knit or crochet project on the go.

One of our favorite things about knitting and crocheting is that we can take it with us no matter where we go. One of the great things about working on our projects in public is that we can spread the love for our craft in addition to generating interesting from bystanders! Meet other yarn lovers at a park, the mall, coffee shop or any public place! Don’t forget that the best part of being a passenger in a car or on a bus is being able to work on your projects, check out these great projects made for your yarn bag.
allicrafts-image-1507643480612 easthookcrochet-image-1507650810629 bluefish88-image-1507647872377

5. Pass Down a Handmade Keepsake

We love that our knit and crochet items can become keepsakes in your family for years to come. Crochet and knit throws in a yarn like Super Saver or With Love are great projects to make as a gift and they be passed down in your family for years to come.

6. Organize your yarn stash

This ones simple! Celebrate I love yarn day by giving your yarn stash an overhaul. We know you'll love getting organized plus it will be a great way find yarn for your next project.

7. Take a class or learn a new skill.

Learning a new knit or crochet technique can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you follow a few online tutorials or look for a local class, like these from Marly Bird, expanding your skill set has never been easier. Even learning how to figure out multiples in patterns is a great idea for an afternoon!

8.Try out a new yarn.

Our newest yarn, Loop-It™, is a great example of a completely new product that is not your traditional yarn. ILYD is a great time to try out something new!

allhailtheyarn-image-1507651018835 stasalynn-image-1507650949648

9. Celebrate your favorite yarnist.

From yarn bombing to crochet and knit designers there are so many yarnists we want to show ur appreciation for. Some ways that you can show your appreciation are by engaging with them on social media and using their patterns or designs.

10. Decorate with Tassels and PomPoms

Pompoms and tassels are simple and fun projects that can add-to a basic knit or crochet project or even something your already have in your home. Add yarn tassels to a tote bag, add a jumbo pompom to a hat or cut pomp-a-doodle yarn to make whimsicle crafts! (holiday)

11. Stitch a Hug.

Today is a great day to knit or crochet a project to donate to charity. This time of year is all about giving back. With the colder winter months around the corner, warm scarves and hats will be put to great use. Make sure to check with local charities about their needs before dropping off any handmade donation items!

12. Tackle your UFOs!

We know that looking over at a pile of unfinished (objects) projects can be defeating. Take this holiday to pour yourself a big ol’ cup of coffee and finish them! If you are stumped on one of our patterns, don’t forget you can always call our customer services team. They will be more than happy to walk you through any challenges you are having with the design.

13. Go yarn shopping!

Whether you like shopping at your local craft store or favor the convenience of online shopping, it’s a great time to stock up for winter projects! From chunky weights to vibrant colors, we love the new yarns we released this year. How about taking this time to try a new color or different style of yarn!

14. Show off your finished project.

Showing off your handmade creation can be so rewarding! Posting your finished projects on social media is a great way to get recognition for your hard work (and maybe even a little bragging rights). Share your creations made with Red Heart Yarn on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Don’t forget to use #RedHeartYarns and #ILoveYarnDay!
allhailtheyarn-image-1507651018835 stasalynn-image-1507650949648

15. Honk if you Love Yarn!!!


Read more on how to celebrate on the CYC website.

15 Ways to Celebrate I Love Yarn Day

15 Ways to Celebrate I Love Yarn Day