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21 Free Christmas Craft Ideas

Make this Christmas a crafty one with these easy DIY décor ideas to make your home a little more festive. From simple yarn-wrapped ornaments to gift wrapping ideas, there are so many ways you can use yarn this holiday season. We love the idea of adding the shine of Sparkle yarn or the fun texture of Pomp-a-Doodle.

Below we have 21 craft ideas to help you get into the holiday spirit. Don't forget to share your designs on our Yarn Lover's Gallery.

Christmas Crafts

Crafty Festive Christmas Balls
Made With Pomp-a-Doodle Yarn
Crafty Festive Christmas Balls Free Craft Pattern LW6458
Nail Art Wreath Plaque
Made With Sparkle Yarn
Nail Art Wreath Plaque Free Craft Pattern LW6208
Friendly Snowman
Made With Fur Yarn
Friendly Snowman Free Craft Pattern LM6098
Trio of Holiday Trees
Made With Pomp-a-Doodle Yarn
Trio of Holiday Trees Free Craft Pattern LW6274
Sparkling Earrings
Made With Sparkle Yarn
Sparkling Earrings Free Craft Pattern LW6207
Christmas Tree Trio
Made With Fur Yarn
Christmas Tree Trio Free Craft Pattern LM6099

Pompoms and Tassels

Yarn Pom Pom Wall Tree
Made With Super Saver Yarn
Yarn Pom Pom Wall Tree Free Craft Pattern LM5756
Holiday Tassel Decoration
Made With With Love Yarn
Holiday Tassel Decoration Free Craft Pattern LM6356
Fun & Funky Tree Topper
Made With Super Saver Yarn
Fun & Funky Tree Topper Free Craft Pattern LW5730

Gift Wrapping

Holiday Lights Gift Wrap
Made With Pomp-a-doodle Yarn
Holiday Lights Gift Wrap Free Craft Pattern LW6456
Tassels and Poms Gift Toppers
Made With Sparkle Yarn
Tassels and Poms Gift Toppers Free Craft Pattern LW6206
Festive Reindeer Wrapping
Made With Pomp-a-doodle Yarn
Festive Reindeer Wrapping Free Craft Pattern LW6459


Crafty Christmas Wreath
Made With Fur Yarn
Crafty Christmas Wreath Free Craft Pattern LM6096
Sparkle-Wrapped Pompom Wreath
Made With Scrubby Sparkle & Super Saver
Sparkle-Wrapped Pompom Wreath Free Craft Pattern LW5328
Peppermint Wreath
Made With Fur Yarn
Peppermint Wreath Free Craft Pattern LM6097


Crafty Star Tree Topper
Made With With Love Metallic Yarn
Crafty Star Tree Topper Free Craft Pattern LW6243
Sparkling Star
Made with Sparkle Yarn
Sparkling Star Free Craft Pattern LW6209
NOEL All Wrapped up!
Made with Sparkle Yarn
NOEL All Wrapped up! Free Craft Pattern LW6275


Crafty Ornaments
Made with Sparkle Yarn
Crafty Ornaments Free Craft Pattern LM6273
Letter Ornaments
Made With Grande Yarn & With Love Yarn
Letter Ornaments Free Craft Pattern LW5322
Hook & Needle Ornaments
Made With Super Saver Yarn
Hook & Needle Ornaments Free Craft Pattern LW4843

We hope these patterns help spark some holiday creativity.

21 Free Christmas Craft Ideas

21 Free Christmas Craft Ideas