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21 Family Friendly Crochet & Knit Halloween Patterns | Red Heart

by Donna Stinson

Doesn’t matter if you’re scary, pretty, old or young
Red Heart has something for everyone with our
We have bats, witches, cats and more
halloween decorations from ceiling to floor.
No matter what your age, it’s nice to pretend,
you’re a ghost or a super hero, trick-or-treating in the wind.

Witchy Cat Hat
Crocheted in Super Saver
Witchy Cat Hat Free Crochet Pattern LW5774
Pompom Monsters
Crafted with Super Saver
Pompom Monsters Free Craft Pattern LW5782
Bat on a Hat
Knit in With Love
Bat on a Hat Free Knitting Pattern LW4463

Candy Corn Dog Sweater
Knit in Baby Hugs Medium
Candy Corn Dog Sweater Free Knitting Pattern LW5410
Circle of Skulls Wreath
Crocheted in Super Saver
Circle of Skulls Wreath Free Crochet Pattern LW5784
Candy Corn Slouchy Hat
Knit in Baby Hugs Medium
Candy Corn Slouchy Hat Free Knitting Pattern LW5409

Spooky Skeleton Jar Cozy
Knit in Super Saver
Spooky Skeleton Jar Cozy Free Knitting Pattern LW5777
Superstitious Black Cat Wreath
Crocheted in Super Saver
Superstitious Black Cat Wreath Free Crochet Pattern LW5376
Spooky Pumpkin Jar Cozy
Crocheted in Super Saver
Spooky Pumpkin Jar Cozy Free Crochet Pattern LW5775

Pin the Spider on the Web
Crocheted in Super Saver
Pin the Spider on the Web Free Crochet Pattern LW5783
Candy Corn Scrubby
Knit in Scrubby Sparkle
Candy Corn Scrubby Free Knitting Pattern LW5390
Halloween Boy Hero
Crocheted in Super Saver
Halloween Boy Hero Free Crochet Pattern LW3836

Mad Willy Hat
Crocheted in Super Saver
Mad Willy Hat Free Crochet Pattern LW2796
Baby Black Cat
Knit in Super Saver
Baby Black Cat Free Knitting Pattern LW2828
Little Witch Hat & Shawl
Crocheted in Super Saver
Little Witch Hat & Shawl Free Crochet Pattern LW3821

Bug Infested Bowl
Knit in Super Saver
Bug Infested Bowl Free Knitting Pattern LW3248
Ghostly Candy Bowl
Crocheted in Super Saver
Ghostly Candy Bowl Free Crochet Pattern LW3746
Ghostly Dish Scrubber
Knit in Scrubby
Ghostly Dish Scrubber Free Knitting Pattern LW4913

Jack o’ Lantern Scrubby
Crocheted in Scrubby Sparkle
Jack o’ Lantern Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern LW5391
Trio of Treat Bags
Knit in Super Saver
Trio of Treat Bags Free Knitting Pattern LW3778
Three Little Pumpkins
Crocheted in With Love
Three Little Pumpkins Free Crochet Pattern LW4892

My children are grown, but I still enjoy passing out candy and seeing all the costumes on this magical night. The kids are so excited about getting delicious candy, but they also like to see what you think about how they look. Out of all the costumes that come by I really love the ones that are homemade. You can tell that their costume was made with love and a lot creativity.

To help you out this year I rounded up 21 Halloween patterns. There is something here for the whole family and even home decorations if you are hosting a party. If you don’t see what you need here visit and search under Halloween.

I wish for you and your family an enchanting night of tricking and treating. Enjoy, have fun and stay safe!

21 Family Friendly Crochet & Knit Halloween Patterns | Red Heart