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DIY Outdoor Decor

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Spring is here and with summer just around the corner, we are ready to help you upgrade your outdoor space. Create a comfortable but stylish outdoor living space with cute knit and crochet décor pieces, wreaths and fun pillows. Get inspired with these 18 outdoor décor ideas.

Ice Cream Cone Scrubby
Crocheted in Almond, Candy, Glacier, Coconut, & Cherry Scrubby
Ice Cream Cone Scrubby LW5294
Red Heart Scrubby yarn Candy - E833_0934
Pompom Wreath
Crafted in Snowball & Sherbert Pomp-a-doodle
Pompom Wreath LW6143
Red Heart Pomp-a-doodle yarn Sherbert - E875_9726
Planned Pooling Argyle Table Runner
Crocheted in Fruit Punch, Mango, Iced Aqua & Holly Berry
With Love
Planned Pooling Argyle Table Runner LW5604
Red Heart With Love yarn Iced Aqua - E400-1502
Colorful Table Doily
Crocheted in Parakeet, Pumpkin, Wasabi, & French Rose Classic Crochet Thread
Colorful Table Doily LM5691
Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Thread - 154
Cornmeal Mats
Crocheted in Cornmeal, Aran, &Buff Super Saver
Cornmeal Mats WR1969
Red Heart Super Saver yarn Cornmeal - E300_0320
Snowdrop Mason Jar Cover
Knitted in Soft White Super Saver
Snowdrop Mason Jar Cover LM5762
Red Heart Super Saver Yarn Soft White - E300_3160
Chill-Time Can Cozy
Crocheted in Pewter &Tan With Love
Chill-Time Can Cozy LW5802
Red Heart With Love yarn Pewter - E400_1401
Bobble Stitch Pillow
Crocheted in Aran, Taupe, & Tan With Love
Bobble Stitch Pillow LW5833
Red Heart With Love Yarn Taupe - E400_1970
Triangle Puzzle Pillow
Crocheted in Charcoal, Turqua, Flamingo, Spring Green, & Aran Super Saver
Triangle Puzzle Pillow LM5474
Red Heart Super Saver yarn Turqua - E300_5120
Seaside Pillow
Crocheted in White and Jadite With Love
Seaside Pillow LW4699
Red Heart With Love yarn Jadite - E400_1562
Striped Pillow Duo
Crocheted in Grey Heather, Turqua, Real Teal, Gold, Warm Brown & Blue Super Saver
Striped Pillow Duo LW3091
Red Heart Super Saver yarn Blue - E300_886
Squares in Stripes Throw
Crocheted in Silver, Tan & Black Classic
Squares in Stripes Throw LW5637
Red Heart Classic yarn Silver - E267_412
Lacy Monet Throw
Crocheted in Waterlily and Iced Aqua With Love
Lacy Monet Throw LW4742
Red Heart With Love yarn Waterlily - E400_1816
American Waves Throw
Crocheted in Americana Super Saver
American Waves Throw LW5432
Red Heart Super Saver yarn Americana - E300_3943

Your backyard design won’t be complete without a few of these DIY projects. Perfect your patio with a few plush cushions or add a bright table runner for a bit of seasonal flair. Take the opportunity to use lively color palettes or decorate with a holiday in mind. Explore our free crocheting patterns and free knitting patterns for more ideas.

Follow along with us for free knit patterns and free crocheted patterns for any occasion. Don't miss more free holiday patterns throughout the year, too!

DIY Outdoor Decor| 18 Free Knit and Crochet Patterns for Outdoor Decor

DIY Outdoor Decor

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