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Donna's Dozen Baby Patterns

by Donna Stinson

I know I have said it before, but I will say it again...I love making things for other people. Babies are my absolute favorite subjects to make hand-made gifts for. They tend to appreciate my hard work, they do not judge me if I make a small mistake and the unconditional love when they look into my eyes is priceless. It may be a little too early for them to say thank you, but I know in their own sweet way they love it! I guess I could take the easy way out and make the same pattern over and over, but I like a challenge so I attempt something new with each gift. To assist you in making a variety of gifts for your special bundles of joy, I have put together a dozen of my favorite baby creations from Red Heart.

All crochet and knit patterns shown are free to download. Click on the image to go to the pattern page for more information and the PDF.

Little Miss Booties
Crocheted in Super Saver
Little Miss Booties Free Crochet Pattern LW3512
Lacy Baby Legwarmers
Knit in Baby Hugs Medium
Lacy Baby Legwarmers Free Knitting Pattern LW5204
Chasing Rainbows Blanket
Crocheted in With Love and Gumdrop
Chasing Rainbows Blanket Free Crochet Pattern LW5174
Double Chevron Beanie
Knit in Super Saver
Double Chevron Beanie Free Knitting Pattern LW4290
Sweet Abby's Baby Sweater
Crocheted in Baby Hugs Light
Sweet Abby's Baby Sweater Free Crochet Pattern LW5022
Baby Waves Blanket
Knit in Soft Baby Steps
Baby Waves Blanket Free Knitting Pattern LW4592
Go Team Go! Baby Sweater
Crocheted in Team Spirit
Go Team Go! Baby Sweater Free Crochet Pattern LW4026
Radiant Rainbow Blanket
Crocheted in With Love
Radiant Rainbow Blanket Free Crochet Pattern LW4695
Ripple Baby Blanket
Crocheted in Snuggle Bunny
Ripple Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern LW4571
Garter Stitch Baby Booties
Knit in Baby Hugs Medium
Garter Stitch Baby Booties Free Knitting Pattern LW5205
Nap Time Baby Blanket
Crocheted in Buttercup
Nap Time Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern LW458
Handsome Sweater and Hat
Knit in Soft
Handsome Sweater and Hat Free Knitting Pattern LW4812

I hope you find something here to create that unique, made with love gift. It is worth mentioning that a few of the patterns are made with the new Red Heart Baby Hugs yarn. If you have not heard of it click on the link to find out more. This yarn is pretty special in its own right.


Donna's Dozen Baby Patterns