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Easter and Spring Inspired Patterns

Hop into the season with cute bunny, egg, lamb and chick patterns! Whether you are looking to add to your Easter decor or just a way to lighten up your space we have a pattern for you. See all 18 adorable knit and crochet spring patterns below:

Celebration Doily Garland
Crocheted in Coral, Aqua, Golden Yellow, Silver, Passionista, and Monet Aunt Lydias Classic Crochet
Celebration Doily Garland Free Crochet Pattern LC6425
Aunt Lydias Classic Crochet Thread 154
Simple Bunny Toy
Knitted in Sweet Mint and Cotton Soft Essentials Baby
Simple Bunny Toy Free Knitting Pattern LM6412
Red Heart Soft Essentials Baby yarn Sweet Mint E879_6624
Sweet Lamb Crochet Hat
Crocheted in Cotton & Rosewater Soft Essentials Baby
Sweet Lamb Crochet Hat Free Crochet Pattern LW6140
Red Heart Soft Essentials Baby yarn Cotton &  Rosewater - E879
Springtime Easter Eggs
Crocheted in Mango, Iced Aqua, Lilac, Jadeite, Bubblegum, Minty, or Papaya With Love
Springtime Easter Eggs Free Crochet Pattern LM6095
Red Heart With Love yarn Bubblegum - E400_1704
Bunny Garland
Crocheted in Minty, Papaya, Bubblegum, Iced Aqua, Lilac and White With Love
Bunny Garland Scarf Free Crochet Pattern LM6093
Red Heart With Love yarn Minty - E400_1932
Little Lamb
Crocheted in White and small amounts of Pewter and Bubblegum With Love
Little Lamb Free Crochet Pattern LM6094
Red Heart With Love yarn White - E400_1001
Three Chicks in a Basket
Crocheted in Lemon, Coral, Aruba Sea, Jade and Black Super Saver
Three Chicks in a Basket Free Crochet Pattern LW4706
Red Heart Super Saver yarn Turqua - E300_512
Small Rosebud Scrubby
Knit in Coconut, Bamboo and Glacier Scrubby
Small Rosebud Scrubby Free Knit Pattern LW5650
Red Heart With Love Metallic yarn Red - E400BM_8918
Two-Color Small Flowers
Crocheted in Lemony, Caribbean, Peachy and Lavender Scrubby Cotton
Two-Color Small Flowers Free Crochet Pattern LW5660
Red Heart Scrubby Cotton yarn Lavender - E854_7503
Baby Chick Hats
Crocheted in Minty and Lemon Super Saver
Baby Chick Hats Free Crochet Pattern LM5493
Red Heart Super Saver yarn Minty - E300_520

Sweet Bunny Hat
Crocheted in Off White and Rose Blush Soft
Sweet Bunny Hat Free Crochet Pattern LW4393
Red Heart Soft Yarn Rose Blush - E728_9770
Hop Along Bunny
Knit in Hot Pink, Bubble Gum and Daffodil With Love
Hop Along Bunny Free Knitting Pattern LW3095
Red Heart With Love yarn Bubblegum - E400_1704
Pet Pal Bunny Slippers
Crocheted in Soft White, Perfect Pink and Black Super Saver
Pet Pal Bunny Slippers Free Knitting Pattern LW3069
Red Heart Super Saver yarn Soft White - E300_316
Big Blossom Scrubby
Knit in Blushing Print Scrubby Cotton
Big Blossom Scrubby Free Knit Pattern LW5647
Red Heart Scrubby Cotton yarn Blushing Print - E854_7960
Daffodil Cotton Scrubby
Crocheted in Coral, Lemony, Jade and Cotton Scrubby Cotton
Daffodil Cotton Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern LW5659
Red Heart Scrubby Cotton yarn Lemony - E854_7760
Bunny Pillow Pal
Knit in Petal Pink and Pretty N' Pink Super Saver
Bunny Pillow Pal Free Knitting Pattern LW2667
Red Heart Super Saver yarn Petal Pink - E300_373
My Furry Bunny
Crocheted in Perfect Pink, White and Light Grey Super Saver and Polar Fur
My Furry Bunny Free Crochet Pattern LW5615
Red Heart Fur yarn Polar - E831_9100

Follow along with us for free knit patterns and free crocheted patterns for any occasion. Don't miss more free holiday patterns throughout the year, too!

Hop into Spring | 15 Free Knit and Crochet Patterns for Easter and Spring

Easter and Spring Inspired Patterns