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Have Fun With Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a beautiful acrylic yarn with a unique and colorful dye effect. It’s worsted weight so it is perfect for all kinds of projects from garments to throws and accessories. Everyone will love projects made out of this yarn!

Simple Crescent Shawl
Knit in Kickball Hopscotch
Simple Crescent Shawl LM5599
Red Heart Hopscotch yarn - E860_7958
Skinny Scarf
Knit in Bicycle Hopscotch
Skinny Scarf LM5598
Red Heart Hopscotch yarn - E860_7959
Cool Kid Wristers
Knit in Jump Rope Hopscotch
Cool Kid Wristers LM5614
Red Heart Hopscotch yarn - E860_7952
Eyelet Banded Sweater
Knit in Somersault Hopscotch
Eyelet Banded Sweater LW5766
Red Heart Hopscotch yarn - E860_7961

When developing this yarn we wanted to focus on the movement and colors. Traditional winter tones can feel dull or muted. Therefore, we worked on creating a range of colors that has bold contrast. This line of yarn has vibrant fun colors that are perfect for kids projects. In addition we created calm and neutral tones that are still bold enough to make a splash.

Hopscotch is available in 7 Colors:

E860_7961_swatch E860_7950_swatch E860_7952_swatch E860_7958_swatch
E860_7951_swatch E860_7953_swatch E860_7959_swatch 

Have Fun With Hopscotch

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